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A Noteworthy Fiction Contest on Vocal Media - $125,000 Prizes

Why and how to join the Vocal+ fiction contest

By Dr Mehmet YildizPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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An Invitation and Guidance on Entering a Compelling Fiction Contest by Vocal

Fiction is an excellent communication tool. I am not a fiction writer but an avid consumer of fiction. I occasionally used fiction to convey important and sensitive societal matters in my stories. Fiction helped me understand the perspectives of other people. I learned to see the world through the eyes of fictional characters. This cognitive process has been invaluable in my mental health and leadership journey.

The purpose of this article is to introduce an opportunity for fiction writers offered by Vocal Media. Fiction is an important writing form on Vocal Media. Vocal always offer challenges for writers for both fiction and non-fiction. Vocal has paid over $500,000 to creators through many writing challenges. However, this challenge is noteworthy for fiction writers as it is one of the biggest contests so far.

Unlike previous fiction contests, this specific challenge does not have a genre or theme requirement. You can include any genre or theme that suits your desire and style. So, all you need to do is to submit a fiction piece with a minimum of 600 and a maximum of 4,000 words. 600 words is a requirement for all stories submitted to Vocal.

This contest is noteworthy because it offers a $5,000 prize to 25 winners. In addition, what is more exciting is that Vocal plans to publish these fiction stories in a book which will be available in 2022. This means that you can be a published fiction author.

Essential Details

This contest is open on Vocal now. It started on 13 October 2021. You can submit your pieces by December 29, 2021. There is still another two months to participate. You can find the official rules for this content at this link.

There is an age requirement to be able to publish on Vocal Media. The minimum age requirement to join this writing challenge is 13. In addition, your Vocal account must be linked to Stripe to receive the payment when you win the contest. You can find countries participating in Stripe at this link.

This challenge is for only Vocal+ members. You can find the challenge details and join the program at this link.

Even though you keep the copyright of your content in your Vocal stories, when you enter this specific challenge, you need to agree that Vocal can repurpose your story for publication if you are selected as a winner. You can check the terms and conditions for the contest at this link.

The key requirements for consideration of stories in this contest are originality, masterful use of language, evoking a response in readers, and understanding of good creative writing through character development, plot and theme. More information about how judges evaluate content can be found at this link.


Writing contests bring tangible and intangible benefits to writers. Fiction writers need income to survive and thrive. Writing competitions can be ideal for generating additional revenue. This specific challenge offers significant prizes.

Writing contests motivate writers to create exciting content for their readers. In addition, repurposing your fiction content published on Medium can be a great opportunity with minimal effort.

Apart from income, participating in a writing contest can increase your creativity and productivity by giving you personal satisfaction. In addition, you can find a new audience for your content. Vocal now offers a subscription model for writers. This means that your readers can subscribe to your content.

Writing on this platform is a joy for writers. Support by editors of Vocal is exemplary. They publish our stories timely, they provide valuable guidance, respond to inquiries quickly, and they don't censor the content as long as writers follow the platform rules.

You can join the Vocal monetisation program at this link.

I hope you find this contest compelling and participate in it. I wish you all the best and good luck in this contest.

Disclaimer: The original version of this article was published on ILLUMINATION and distributed to topics by Medium.

About the Author

Dr Mehmet Yildiz is a technologist, postdoctoral researcher, author of several books, chief editor, and digital marketing strategist with four decades of industry experience. He writes articles for Medium, NewsBreak, and Vocal Media. On Medium, he established seven large publications: ILLUMINATION, ILLUMINATION-Curated, ILLUMINATION’ S MIRROR, ILLUMINATION Book Chapters, Technology Hits, SYNERGY, and Readers Hope, supporting 12,000+ writers on Medium. You can connect with him and participate in his publications using this weblink. Dr Yildiz posts his health, mental health, fitness, and lifestyle articles on Euphoria.


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