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A New Chapter for Las Vegas

Jayson Pocius on Revitalizing the East Side

By Jayson PociusPublished about a month ago 3 min read
A New Chapter for Las Vegas
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Gentrification is about giving new life to forgotten areas. It's transforming old, ignored places into lively, welcoming neighborhoods. Right now, I'm focused on the east side of Las Vegas. With KB Home, we're working hard to bring change where it's needed most. We see the potential for growth and community building.

Las Vegas shines with lights and energy, but the east side hasn't seen much of this glow. It's one of the city's oldest areas, rich in history but poor in recent development. There are too many old buildings and empty spaces just sitting there. We need to breathe new life into this part of town. It's time to give the east side the attention it deserves.

I have a plan. We're taking those forgotten spaces—like empty parking lots or closed-down stores—and turning them into new homes. This not only cleans up the area but also offers affordable, quality homes to those dreaming of owning their first home or upgrading to a better one. Transforming these spaces will also help reduce crime and increase safety.

This isn't new to me. In Chicago, I invested in the south side, helping to transform it with better housing that was still affordable. It made a huge difference. Buildings got new life, new businesses opened, and the community grew stronger. I saw how these changes brought pride and joy to the people living there. Everyone started to take care of their neighborhood more.

One particular project involved an old supermarket that had become a magnet for graffiti and neglect. We turned it into a series of townhomes with green spaces. During the grand opening, I met a young couple who had been renting a cramped apartment nearby.

Their excitement about owning their first home and having a small garden was contagious. It reminded me why I do this work. Like in Chicago, the neighbors are coming together, taking pride in their revamped surroundings. We're not just building homes; we're fostering a sense of community and security.

I'm now channeling that same passion and commitment to Las Vegas's east side. We're not just building homes—we're enhancing the whole area. Better parks, roads, and local shops can follow. It's amazing how one change leads to another, creating a ripple effect of improvements. This could make the east side a place where more people want to live.

Some think of the east side as just another suburb. But it's not. It's a vital part of Las Vegas with its own unique story. Unlike the highly-focused downtown and Strip, the east side has been somewhat overlooked. I see its potential, and it's time everyone else did too. It's about bringing the community together and fostering pride.

At KB Home, we think differently. We don't just build anywhere. We choose places that others might not look twice at. Right in the heart of the east side, we find properties that others see as problems and turn them into solutions—new homes for new beginnings. Our approach not only revitalizes the area but also brings new opportunities for local residents.

During one of our initial walkthroughs in the east side, I stumbled upon a small, abandoned lot overshadowed by the remnants of an old warehouse. It was littered with debris and long-forgotten relics of the past. Seeing past its current state, I envisioned a community garden there, flanked by row houses with porches facing the green space.

Fast forward to today, and that very spot is buzzing with families and children playing. Residents have started their own vegetable plots, and there's a monthly market where they sell their produce. This transformation has injected a new vigor into the neighborhood, proving that with vision and commitment, even the most neglected spaces can become the heart of a community.

Our work is crucial. It helps people stay close to the city center without paying a fortune. It improves the neighborhood for everyone, not just the newcomers. More homes mean more people. More people mean more business. It's a win-win for everyone. This makes the community stronger and more vibrant.

Gentrification is about more than just construction. It's about community. By focusing on places like the east side, we create vibrant, thriving neighborhoods. This work is close to my heart because it's about making a real, lasting difference. We're not just building homes; we're building futures.


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Jayson Pocius

Jayson Pocius is a real estate expert in Las Vegas, specializing in land acquisition and sustainable development. He revitalizes neighborhoods by transforming neglected properties into vibrant communities.

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