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a list of forgotten things

by Emily Downey 3 months ago in humor
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my childhood.

I’ll start by saying that I’m a child of the 90s and the sweet sweet 2000s. I blame my love of nostalgia solely on vh1s “I love the 90s, 80s, the 00s” all of them, I watched that religiously (I’m not kidding)

I loved the way they would remind you of things that were forgotten. Bits of the not so distant past, moments from what seemed like a lifetime ago if you really thought about it.

I loved the rush nostalgia gives you, that’s the good shit honestly. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling at times, moments of an easier time.

Any who let’s cut to the chase, here’s a list of some of my favorite memories of childhood that I think any 90s/00s kid could appreciate.

Polly Pockets (NOT THE MINIS, the squishy ones baby)

Ooh don’t even get me started on the feeling of being at your best friends house the night of a sleep over setting up your treasure trove of Polly pockets that you brought over and just kicking back chewing on a pollys purple jacket. Oh my god the intricacy of the homes we would create for our polly’s was something of true craftman ship. My best friend Melissa and I used to snag carpet & paint samples every time either of our parents took us to Home Depot. Pfft you wanna talk boujie, you knew you were the creme de la creme if you had two Polly pocket cars. *bites knuckles just thinking about the Polly pocket aisles at target and Walmart back in the day.

Ooze Tubes

Ok I don’t know what kind of a household you grew up in and hey man no judgement to anyone’s upbringing. But here’s how it went down in my house ok? Basically my mom was a kinda a health nut (not hardcore by any means I just think that she was looking out for red dye 40 & sugar before a lot of others were) but at the time it sucked ass cause all my other friends would get Cheetos, Doritos, the whole itos family and we’d get pita chips and hummus. Enter Casey and Meca, our neighbors from up the street. Occasionally we would go to Moriarty Foods (don’t Google it, it’s not glamorous) and sometimes their mom would let us get a candy to share and of course anything was on the table. Ooze tubes with their penis looking tips, ugh the thick goo that was basically sugar goop. Don’t even get me started on the flavors, the blue raspberry till I die. I truly believe that if I was to even take a lick of one of those now I would keel over and have a heart attack from the sheer amount of sugar it contained. Christ whoever created those needs to be locked up.

Next on our list is :

Middle School Dances

The amount of boys who became men on the Moriarty middle school dance floor is unfathomable. Mm I can smell it like it was yesterday the hot sweat mixed with feeling like your going to vomit cause you kinda don’t know how the fuck to dirty dance. Meanwhile some of your friends are dropping it like it’s hot with such grace. There’s three types of kids at middle school dances, 1. The popular kids who for some reason knew how to twerk before that was ever even a known thing by everyone else. 2. Two the kids like myself who grew up with parents who listened to the B52s & Grateful Dead so dancing is a little more “dancing by myself” and also completely nervous as fuck cause you don’t want to look dumb as fuck in front of your crush. And finally 3. The kids who crip walked. mic drop..

Lastly to end this list, I give you…

Don’t Look Under The Bed

The absolute fever dream of a movie this one was. First off hats off to Disney for truly reigning supreme in pumping out some Disney Orginal bangers. Don’t look under the bed was peak my sexual awakening time so basically I thought every man under the son was hot and 100% had a crush on the boogeyman guy. Idk if it was the earrings, the color his eyes got when he started transforming. Whatever, we all have our quirks ok. I actually rewatched it during covid and it was….not as I remembered but you know what I still appreciate it and it deserves to make this list.

Stay tuned for my next list of forgotten things, I kind of like writing this out.




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