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A Creative Space

Every artist needs one.

By Samantha KaszasPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
First Place in Cozy Corner Challenge

A few years ago a close friend and mentor asked me if I had a special space for creativity in my home. As someone who has been in one creative profession or the other for the past decade, you might think my automatic answer would be "Well, of course!"... but that wasn't the case. In fact her question surprised me! I didn't have a special creative space set up. I had never even thought of setting one up. Maybe it's because in this day and age, I am so used to having my professional or creative work at my fingertips in this slim, metallic, magical box that I can open up anywhere, anytime and continue my life's mission. So because I had had no need to create my own special artistic place, I hadn't.

Does an artist need a space for creativity?

Short answer, no. Creativity can come from anywhere, regardless of the environment. In fact some people say that an environment lacking interest or intrigue will spark creativity, simply because humans seek to entertain themselves. On the other hand, I had heard about the idea that if you infuse an area with a purpose, and use it repeatedly for that purpose, then when you go to this space, the "purpose" will start coming more and more naturally. I was inspired. I wanted to try it! So I did. Slowly, piece by piece I started creating my space. Selecting elements that would nurture my creative soul and feed my artistic intuition. Over the last couple years there have been additions that stayed for a short while, such as my vision board, quotes from favourite authors and dried flowers on the walls. Then there are pieces that have made themselves permanent...

The Writing Nook

It probably comes as no surprise to you, the reader, that a writing nook has always been a part of my creative space! I find that no matter what creative endeavour I am taking part in, it is helpful to write about it.

For me, beside the window is the natural choice. I'm lucky, there are quite a few birds and critters that like to frequent that large shrub outside my window. The bird aren't the only animal friends that frequent my creative space, my cats also find it quite alluring!

And yes that is an Ollivander's wand at the top of my shelf. A natural addition to any creative nook of course! With all those books around, you can bet my cozy corner has a wicked reading spot to curl up with a book...

The Cozy Corner

This particular chair, along with the gorgeous rug are actually new elements in my creative space and let me tell you, they are keepers!

The chair is one of those lucky online purchases. You know, that magical combination of fashionable and comfortable! This has quickly become my favourite spot in the house. However, I do have competition...

Creative Inspiration

As I set up this space, I realized that the more your personal environment is a reflection of your personality, the more you will thrive! I was particularly inspired after I visited Pablo Neruda's personal compound in Santiago, Chile while I was there on a work trip. His personal and creative living quarters just blew me away. I was astounded by the amount of care and detail covering each inch. There were artifacts and art from his travels, personal works and pieces of his friends art, perfectly and deliberately placed around the home that was a piece of art itself. That awe-inspiring experience has given me even more ideas to add to my own creative space.

This tea set I got from the medina market in Marrakech is excellent for a batch of steaming green tea to spark the creative juices flowing. And it seems like the theme of cats continues as well!

Creativity on the Rise?

Yes. I have been shocked at how much of a difference it has made. This little slice of world that I have put together gives me the space I need to create. A moment of solace and reflection to gather my creative thoughts. If you want to spark a change in your life, I would highly recommend dedicating a special area to whatever it is that you need more of! Maybe a meditation bench, a personal garden beside a window or an easel that is ready to go whenever inspiration strikes. And to my friend and mentor who suggested this creative space to me, thank you a thousand times over. You are forever suggesting powerful ideas that change my life.


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