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A Complete Tutorial For An Effortless Migration From EML to Gmail

Learn why it's so important to convert your EML emails to Google Workspace and the advantages of using Gmail for email management.

By Kim TeahyungPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Are you attempting an easy import of your EML messages into your Gmail account? If you follow this method, you can transfer EML files to Gmail with ease. Learn why it's so important to convert your EML emails to Google Workspace and the advantages of using Gmail for email management.

Why Might My EML Files Be Moved to Gmail?

  • Gmail is a Notable Email Client: Gmail is renowned for its user-friendly interface and many practical features. Owing to its ease of use and accessibility, it is a highly recommended choice for individuals and businesses worldwide.
  • Productivity Gains with Google Workspace: Google Workspace has several powerful features that boost productivity. Storing your EML data in Gmail allows for seamless integration with other Google Workspace services.
  • Prevent Data Loss: Data loss can occur if EML files are left on your hard drive or local system. Over time, these files can get corrupted. Thanks to Gmail's secure cloud-based storage option, data loss is less likely.
  • Usability From Anywhere at Any Time: Your EML files are always accessible thanks to Gmail's cloud-based technology. Users rely on this flexibility when they need to read their emails when they're on the road.
  • Google places a high priority on securing user data with strong security protocols. When you transfer your EML messages to Gmail, Google's cutting-edge security measures ensure that your data is safe and secure.
  • Managed Data Affordably: Since Google Workspace frequently requires little to no maintenance costs, it's an affordable choice for long-term data management.

Email Applications Compliant with the EML Extension:

  • Outlook Express for Microsoft
  • Mozilla Thunderbird with Microsoft Windows Live Mail
  • Microsoft Supports Zoho Mail the Bat with IncrediMail!
  • Apple Mail (EMLX).
  • Window Message

Softaken EML to Gmail Importer, to Migrate EML to Gmail with ease

A flexible solution for moving EML files to your Google account is the Softaken EML to Gmail Importer Utility. It has undergone extensive testing across a range of Mac and Windows platforms, including sizable EML databases with attachments. The smooth transfer of EML messages into your Gmail account is made possible by this program.

Softaken EML-to-Gmail Importer App's salient features:

  • Batch EML Migration: Export several EML files to your Google Account at once in this efficient way.
  • No File Size Restrictions: Transfer EML files without worrying about file size limitations to ensure a flawless migration of all of your data.
  • Smart Filtering: With the help of filter options, you can easily identify certain EML data and determine what you wish to move.
  • Before converting your EML files, you can use the preview feature to make sure everything is accurate and in order.
  • Attachment Preservation: To ensure that no crucial information is lost during transfer, Softaken's application preserves EML files together with all of their attachments.
  • Folders Hierarchy Service: The tool maintains the original folder hierarchy and structure of the EML files to help you keep your data organized.

How to Use EML to Gmail Converter to Convert EML Messages to Gmail?

  • Install the program after downloading it. On your Windows OS machine, start by installing and setting up the EML to Gmail Converter.
  • Include EML Files: To add your EML files to the program, click the "Add Files" option.
  • Choose EML Data: Tick the checkboxes next to the files you want to migrate, then choose the exact EML data you want to move.
  • Select the destination to be Gmail: Choose "Gmail" as your destination from the drop-down option labeled "Select Saving Option."
  • Give your Gmail login information: Enter the login credentials for the Gmail account you wish to use to move your EML messages.
  • Initiate the transfer. For the migration procedure to begin, click the "Convert" button.

Why should I use Softaken's EML to Gmail Importer Software?

After doing so, you can test out the features of the Softaken-provided EML to Gmail Importer program by selecting between a licensed and demo edition. The trial version allows you to export up to 25 EML files at no cost to your Gmail account.

Choose the appropriate licensing type from the available options (personal, technical, or enterprise) based on your specific requirements and preferences.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Softaken's EML to Gmail Converter provides a stable, efficient, and secure EML to Gmail migration solution. It also simplifies the process of transferring your EML messages into Gmail.

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