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9 Tips For How To Increase Views On YouTube

by Robin Grant 6 months ago in social media
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No doubt creating content for YouTube videos is not an easy task and if doesn’t yield the required results it can prove to be quite frustrating.

1. Create Original Content

It is not just limited to social media platforms but it’s the key to success in every aspect of life. Creating authentic content not only polishes the creative and imaginative skills but also boosts the user's confidence in the YouTube channel

Moreover, it sets you apart from the competitors and if your content is genuine, interesting, and up to the mark so there is nothing that can stop you from gaining views. Hence, it is one of the most realistic ways to embark on this wonderful digital journey.

2. Organize Playlist Videos

Having on board a digital marketing strategist is very much needed to overall improve the concept and quality of YouTube videos. Creating relevant content and compiling a playlist of videos not only develops the interest of the user but it automatically plays the next video without moving a finger.

instead of creating random and individual videos, it is better to create a series of videos. It not only excites the viewer but overall gives a tidy and neat look to the channel as well.

3. Collaborate With Other Content Creators

Even if you are in the same business still you can collaborate with other brands. It is not necessary to have rivalries with your competitors but it can be changed into a healthy relationship as well. It not only maximizes the reach of YouTube videos but overall creates a positive impression of the channel as well.

A joint venture not only makes the video look attractive and useful for the users but also increases the user engagement. Therefore, it is better to have a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties rather than having a rivalry with them.

4. Use of end screen and cards

This feature appears at the end of the video and helps in suggesting related videos or even promoting external websites. Moreover, if the user is in search of more related videos so this proves to be quite useful.

In addition, it also pops up with the subscription notification hence it increases the user engagement. Thus it keeps the viewers hook to their screens anxiously waiting for the next video to appear.

5. Blog Post to Enhance The Value Of The Content

Writing a blog post to support the video content is no more an option but an essential marketing strategy to boost your reach. It not only provides additional information to the users but it shows that the brand went the extra mile to improve the user experience.

Above all the users that prefer visual and video rather than text are happier rather than reading a script.

6. Capitalize On Social Media Platforms

No doubt the digital world runs on the wheels of social media platforms and incorporating them in every kind of business is a must. It not increases the exposure of your brand to a wider audience but also helps in maximizing the reach.

Giving a snippet of your you tube videos on Instagram, LinkedIn and twitter overall increases the exposure of the video thus it leads to increased views on YouTube video.

7. Use Of Attractive Titles

It is important to make your YouTube video title catchy, informative, and yet authentic for the users. Your title must resonate and go well with the content of the video or else it will cost your brand in the long run. It will not only damage the channel's credibility but also proves to be detrimental in gaining organic views.

Following ideas can be incorporated to make the titles appealing to the viewers:

• Use specific numbers

• Share credible facts and figures

• The title should fuel the curiosity in the audience

• The titles should not be fake at all

• Incorporation of call to action to motivate the viewers to click on the video link

8. Effective thumbnail

Do you what is the driving force behind viewers clicking on the video link?

A clear thumbnail.

It’s an accurate description of the video and helps the viewer in deciding if he is interested in watching a particular video or not. Most importantly the thumbnails should go well with the video content because if the user finds that the stuff is fake or a scam so it costs the channel in the long run.

It leads to decreased watch time thus resulting in poor rankings and the worst user experience as well. The internet marketing companies are the best in providing a complete guide on how to increase the views organically.

9. Two-way conversation

What differentiates digital media from traditional ones is the two-way traffic. It not only increases user engagement and participation but overall it provides an organic and sustainable way to increase the views on YouTube videos.

Following ideas can be used to make the audience feel more inclusive:

• Reply to a comment

• Make a reaction video

• Conduct a contest

• Include your fans in one of your videos

• Surprise them with an interesting video

• Organize and record a meet up with your audience

In a nutshell, it takes a lot of blood, sweat and tear to create a strong social media presence. Therefore, implement the above mentioned points for mind-blowing results but even then if you feel stuck at some point so a number of digital marketing agencies are available to help you out in the best possible way.

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