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9 Best High-Paying Jobs for Women in 2021

by Pedro Perez 2 years ago in career
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Who run the world? Girls

Are you dreaming to pursue an interesting and rewarding career while getting paid higher than the average? What if we said that today, nothing can stop you from becoming who you want to be while earning what you truly deserve?

Long gone are those times when women depended on men. Today, you can become a successful CEO while remaining a loving mother and wife. In 2021, you can study what you feel up for and turn every occupation into a profitable venture.

Yet, there are several winning options that ensure you’ll be provided for life. So, should you be looking for guarantees in your life, look at the list we’ve come up with. It shows top career choices among female students based on high wages analyzed by the resume writing service team.

Human resource manager

Becoming an HRM is one of the top choices for women in the labor market. Most of them are talented in recruiting, hiring, and interviewing new candidates, selecting those who are the best fit for the position.

Many women work for different recruiting firms, helping applicants to craft a winning resume and get through the applicant tracking process easily. They feel candidates better thanks to the intuition and interpersonal skills and are more successful in building job-winning profiles.

This profession makes women equipped with the knowledge of employee relations, social benefits, payroll processes, etc. They become naturally skilled in conflict management and resolution. The annual payment for these efforts reaches a median income of $69,000 per year.


For many years, women were not largely represented in engineering. This field traditionally belonged to men. However, it’s women we need to thank for the invention of a dishwasher and Wi-Fi.

Now, the time has come to undermine men’s monopoly and rock the industry. Today, women are actively penetrating the field, working with chemical, electrical, computer, mechanical and other companies.

Any career advice expert would say that becoming an engineer is quite difficult. Nevertheless, women gladly choose this path, demonstrating exceptional discipline and authoring amazing breakthroughs. For their efforts, they get from $65,000 to $97,000 per year of a medium income.


Software developer

Female hackers are no less skilled than male ones. Google such names as Anna Chapman or Adeanna Cooke to make sure. Today, however, women in Software Development are no longer perceived as something incredible.

Software development as a field grows incredibly fast. Women contribute to this advancement by devising computer programs and helping implement new technological solutions for businesses. They create software and applications that actually help people work more effectively and resolve their daily problems.

As software developers, women can earn an annual median income of $85,500. This figure is likely to increase since the field is expected to grow by 22% between 2019 and 2029.


Physicians are the first to examine patients, diagnose them, develop treatment plans. Women succeed in all subspecialties, providing high-quality patient care to a different population of patients.

Becoming a physician is quite a common choice for women these days as it has been for many years. Women tend to be more compassionate, attentive and empathetic, so many patients seek an opportunity to be examined by a female doctor. This cadre is always in high demand. Moreover, this profession offers good pay and is respected in society.


It takes time for women to get a degree and finish their residency program before they actually start practicing and earning. However, the profession develops steadily. Physicians are champions in professional training and development among all other clinical staff. They earn around $87,000 of a median annual income.

Chief Executive Officer

Those women who’ve managed to advance their career ladder up to this position earn a lot. Even though some women tend to act more emotionally than men, they can also work long hours and achieve success, running companies in both the public and private sectors.

Usually, female CEOs have a long and impressive work experience, full of accomplishments. Many of them have excellent crisis management skills that helped literally save companies from going bankrupt.

Thus, if you are:

  • a great manager,
  • an organized coordinator,
  • a leader with unconventional approaches to motivation and participation,

you can succeed in this role. However, it may take years for you to prove your worth. An average CEO’s salary reaches up to $90,000 annually.

IT Manager

Female information technology managers are as skilled as males. They are equally competent in devising, coordinating, and implementing various innovative solutions for computer-related projects. Women in this role effectively plan IT strategy and design creative infrastructure solutions.


To succeed in the field, IT managers should have a graduate degree and develop key skills. These include critical thinking, analysis, and data management. Such employment brings women up to $90,000 per year.


Many women opt for building a professional law career but the world still prefers male lawyers. They often have to work twice as hard to build a reputation and beat the competitors. This perception is slowly changing mostly thanks to female lawyers who break stereotypes.

Female lawyers can expect their annual income to reach over $91,000. To reach this figure they should spend at least four years studying and then pass the state’s bar examination. Those women who achieve success in the field are hunted by recruiters.

Nurse practitioner

Women dominate the field of patient care like a fish in water. Women can communicate and empathize, and they have an intuition to provide patients with the help they need the most. In the role of a Nurse Practitioner, they coordinate medical services and plan treatment for people independently or together with physicians.


To become an NP (also known as APRN), a nurse should have a Master’s degree in the field of nursing and obtain a state license. The median income of female nurse practitioners usually reaches around $98,000 per year.


Another popular choice among women is to get employed as a pharmacist. Their main duty is to dispense prescribed medication to people, often advising them on medication usage. They cooperate with physicians to make sure medications are properly administered.

Pharmacists are usually employees of grocery or drugstore pharmacies. However, they can also be a part of a hospital or clinical setting staff. Their salary may reach up to $98,000 per annum as well.

Final Words

If you feel hesitant about what career you should choose, think of the thing you like to do the most. Help yourself and join the field where you’ll be happy. The financial aspect plays a lot in the choice of your career. Yet, money can’t buy everything. You need to wake up every morning knowing that you do what you were born for and are adequately compensated for your efforts.


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