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7 Tips for a Thriving Ecommerce Website

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By Carolin PettersonPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Did you know that 96% of Americans have made an online purchase at least once in their life? Since this is also a global trend, the numbers aren’t any different in other countries. The total average sum of money spent per shopper is expected to reach the number of $1,800 in the United States and £1,600 in the United Kingdom. Knowing all this, it seems that e-commerce is a fruitful ground for various businesses. However, establishing an e-commerce store is easy, especially with over 3,500 of different marketing tools for e-commerce available today, but keeping it afloat and thriving is much more difficult. Here are a few tips that will help your business flourish and accomplish your business goals.

Do things differently.

The number of e-commerce stores is growing by the day, and it is very difficult to stand out from the crowd, but it shouldn’t discourage you from giving it a try. Offer your customers a unique selling point (USP) that will distinguish your business from the competition. That can be either a reward program, discounts, coupons, or free shipping.

Be true to your customers.

Trust is very important in the world of e-commerce since shoppers are really suspicious when it comes to ordering products they haven’t seen and are paying for them online. The best way to address this is by being completely transparent about your company’s data (address, phone number, etc.) and characteristics of the products you are selling or services you are offering.

Ensure secure payments.

Related to the company’s transparency, it is imperative to be especially cautious when it comes to online payments. Regardless of the payment method you choose (PayPal, Visa or another platform), you should never take advantage of your customers’ personal data or financial accounts.

Ease up on the shipping charges.

Higher shipping price is bound to ensure you more profit — it’s simple math, isn’t it? Not really. Unreasonable shipping charges can be a major turnoff for most customers, who can later turn to your competitors which offer lower shipping prices or even free shipping service.

Work on your logistics.

Logistics is often associated with shipping prices since if you haven’t really carefully planned your warehouse location, you can end up paying more for shipping your product to another country or continent. Asking for your international customer pool to pay more is simply not fair, nor it will lead to an increase in purchase. That is why you should improve your e-commerce logistics by opting for a third party which can assist you with organizing warehousing operations.

Be detailed.

Being thorough is another thing that will help you build mutual trust between you and your customers. Be very specific about the details of the products you are selling, including their functions, dimensions, colors, and other details. Also, use high-quality photos that will show the product in its true light. This will provide the authentic presentation of the product, close to the experience when shoppers truly have a chance to see, feel and try out the product at a brick-and-mortar store.

Communicate with your customers.

Communication is something that is often neglected in online shopping and one of the missing pieces of the puzzle meant to match the good old experience of brick-and-mortar stores. That is why it is crucial to offer your users excellent customer support. Beyond that, it would be a good idea to provide a live chat option, so that your customers can connect with a real person, and get real-time answers to their questions and doubts.

All in all, as an e-commerce company, your main concern is building and maintaining a trustworthy relationship with your customers. This is the ship that will keep your business afloat. Every other clever move that you make will only strengthen the bond with your customers and help your business thrive. So, do your best to excel and go one step beyond of what’s expected of you.

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Carolin Petterson is a businesswoman and content marketer with years of experience under her belt. She has had the opportunity to contribute to a number of popular business and marketing websites.

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