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7 Reasons You Need Life Size Bronze Statues in Your Garden

Read on to find out more about why you should buy these garden statues.

By Amit KumarPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Life-size bronze statue design is not a common garden feature, which is why you want one. A bronze statue in your garden distinguishes it from the average yard.

Bronze sculptures can add whimsy or elegance to your garden while also leaving an impression on visitors.

Read on to find out more about why you should buy these garden statues.

1. Make a Big Impression

Whatever the art represents, all life size statues elicit the same basic reaction, and it's a good one:

Anyone who sees a life-size bronze statue in your garden will have their eyes widen and their jaws drop. That is not an exaggeration!

People expect to see such art in museums and government memorials, not in your backyard or the garden of your company or organization. Your visitors will be impressed if they learn that someone they know owns one.

Life size statues in your garden improve the first impression your home makes on guests. One of these sculptures transforms a small house into a mansion and a mansion into a royal palace.

2. Immortalize Important Figures

There is no better way to honor a family member, business figure, or other notable person than with a life-size bronze statue. In the same way that universities commission sculptures of their presidents, you could commission a statue of a close family member or an ancestor. A statue of a grandparent, for example, placed beneath their favorite tree ensures that those enjoying the shade remember them long after they have passed.

People who want to delight their children or grandchildren with garden decorations can take a more whimsical approach by bringing characters from children's stories to life. Bronze statues last for centuries, so your children will enjoy them for generations.

3. Characterize Your Property

Another reason to purchase a bronze statue is to help distinguish your property. Proud, patriotic flag-wavers express their feelings with majestic bald eagle statues, while life-size children statues highlight family homes. Mythological figures lend a worldly, magical quality to gardens, while religious icons add a spiritual touch.

Bronze statues can also be used to emphasize your garden's status as a natural paradise. Even in the dead of winter, animal statues surrounding water features and hidden among plants bring gardens to life.

4. Bring an Air of Distinction

Basic ceramic gnomes and concrete frogs are cute, but they don't belong in high-end gardens. That's not to say there's anything wrong with them, but they don't always appear sophisticated. At the very least, those adorable garden statues cannot carry the distinction on their own.

Bronze statue is the way to go if you want your garden to reflect a high-society attitude and distinguished tastes.

5. Keep Things Proportional

There are practical reasons to incorporate life-size statues into your garden as well. Small sculptures look out of place in a large garden or a garden overlooked by a massive home.

Purchasing life size sculptures fills space while keeping everything proportional and pleasing to the eye. Large plants complement large sculptures. Having a large bronze sculpture in your garden helps you achieve success with scale and proportion in the landscape.

6. Cherish Time in the Garden

Many of the best reasons to put bronze statues in your garden are purely aesthetic or have something to do with the statements the artworks make. You might be surprised to learn that they can also benefit your mental health.

Placing a life-size bronze statue in your garden will undoubtedly make you appreciate the space more. You'll want to improve the garden to showcase the statue, and you'll want to spend more time outside enjoying it. Your garden will help you clear your mind and cheer you up at the end of the day.

Life-size bronze sculptures have a greater impact on those who use them to express their spiritual beliefs. Casting holy figures in bronze and placing them in your garden provides a space for you to reflect on your religion or spirituality.

The religious use of bronze statues isn't so much about happiness as it is about bringing joy to many people. If you are spiritual, it will renew your appreciation for your garden and the time you spend there, whether or not it makes you happy.

7. Nurture Your Artistic Sensibilities

While adding a bronze statue makes you appear more worldly, cultured, and distinguished, the impact extends much further. Spending enough time with your bronze sculpture after purchasing it will help you realize the image it conveys.

As you sit and examine the statue, you'll notice its features again and again. This process will help you understand what makes the sculpture unique.

Although not everyone who purchases a bronze statue is an art expert, spending time with one is a good way to begin appreciating art more. The small details of a sculpture may not seem significant when you first bring it home, but you'll come to appreciate them over time.


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