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5 Signs That Your Audience Will Drop No Matter How Many Followers You Have

by Casimiro Designer 8 months ago in social media
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Some of the worst mistakes are often made when we become popular creators.

5 Signs That Your Audience Will Drop No Matter How Many Followers You Have
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When we start a career as a creator, or with any other niche that requires building an audience to keep us constantly in the front row of Google’s SEO, we make so many sacrifices to build that audience. Sacrifices that sometimes when we grow up, we ask ourselves, did I do it? Some creators, when they achieve everything, become vain, and what they were in the beginning, they leave behind! They simply defecate in the faces of their followers and leave, ignoring those who put them up there. But that’s where the biggest problem begins for us creators, influencers or artists, etc.

“For us creators, when our audience drops, our finances get shaken(they also drop).” In general, this is a warning sign.

What if we don’t let our audience be just an audience? What if we could do more than just be followers or fans?

Today I want to talk about 5 signs that when it’s happening to us, we are about to ruin our career as a creator, artist, influencer, or anything that takes a consuming audience for your content.

1. Vanity

Vanity is important for every human being when applied in the sense of wisdom. “It helps to keep one’s posture.” Vanity teaches the author to be in a proper position; but when it is misused, it affects our audience, we would be making the biggest mistake in our career; leaving those who have helped us get to where we are, at a line with no finish line.

We are not building mere numbers of followers that some will become fans of. We are creating leaders, and there will always be a moment when our followers will ask for support from us and we have to be ready to assist just as they have been ready to consume our content. If we use vanity in the wrong way in front of our audience, we can be sure that we are on the verge of letting our consolidated career go down considerably.

2. Ignorance

The ignorance represents arrogant people. One of the biggest mistakes of creators with thousands of followers is to ignore the comments of their audience. It is very important that we answer the comments of our audience, interact and create a relationship with the public, so they will always be close to us because they know that their favorite author occasionally answers the comments, and believe me, a simple response to a fan can change big metrics.

3. Availability

No matter how busy we are with running around, we must always make time to support a fan or follower who is craving help. It doesn’t matter if they want to know how they can get to where you are, after all, they have been there since the beginning of your career. Answer e-mails, calls, or visits, this will increase the prestige of your career. If we are always available to our followers or fans, word will run fast among social media and you will be viewed with respect.

4. Interact

Many creators don’t know how to interact with their audience. It is important to know how your fans are dealing with your work, what they want to hear about you, where they want to go. Today, most followers no longer want to simply be followers, they now also want to become creators. A comment from you on one of your fan’s or follower’s contents will be enough reason for them to go out creating inexplicable motivational content. Read or watch content from your followers, schedule meetings with your followers to let them hear from you how happy you are to have them on your side.

5. Teaching

Did you get the formula on how to have thousands of followers? Then how about telling your followers and fans the secret how to do it? How about creating a well-designed free course on how they can be more relational with their audience, show them the key to success. These simple 5 signs if ignored can cost careers.

We don’t need to do shocking things for our audience to be affected and lower their performance. Ignore basic concepts that followers need and don’t get, they will simply stop having an interest in our content.

Success is a decision, and we are the ones who define where we can go according to our actions throughout our careers.

How is your relationship with your followers?

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Startup Entrepreneur, Investor, Content Writer, YouTube Business Influencer and Podcaster.

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