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5 Reasons ANYONE Should Become a Twitch Streamer/YouTuber

by Ben Cottam about a year ago in social media

A quick guide to the great things about being a content creator.

There are plenty of things about being a Twitch streamer/YouTuber that are monotonous and boring, like hours of video editing, or in the beginning, hours of streaming to little or no audience. But let's take a look at the exciting reasons that being a streamer or YouTuber can be fulfilling and fun!

1. The Possibilities

As a content creator, you are capable of taking anything that you are passionate~ about, and making it your career. If you enjoy something, there is a 99% chance that other people like it too, which means you have a potential audience. You can take any CRAZY idea that you LOVE, and you can do it, especially once you have an established audience.

As an example, you might love your pets. You absolutely adore little Lulu the Chihuahua, and you think others would too. You can turn that shit into the Lulu religion, because as long as you make it in the right way, people really will enjoy watching little Lulu.

Or let's say you decide you want to uproot and move yourself over to Turkey. You think Turkey is the place to be, you know a bit of Turkish, your Grandma is half Turkish, says it's great, and you love Turkey so nothing to lose right? right. Because your content can be made from anywhere, in fact if you slap, "SELLING MY HOUSE AND MOVING TO TURKEY FOR 2 YEARS" on a YouTube title... well that video alone would probably cover the cost of the trip.

2. Working On Your Own Clock

Working on your own time. There are a few setbacks, like probably doing a lot of unpaid overtime in the early days, and depending on if you're willing to dish out for an editor, paid overtime later on. You're also holding yourself accountable, which means if twitch streaming or video editing is calling, but Netflix calls a little louder... well no one is going to tell to stop watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and do some work. BUT, if you're capable of sticking it out, if you can keep yourself stuck to a timeline and scheduled goals... this will also set you free.

For example maybe you don't to go to the gym when there's 60 people there... 60 germ filled meatheads... maybe you wanna go at like, I don't know, 2am? Go for it buddy, you're a content creator now.

3. You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To (seriously)

Remember when good ol' mom told you that? Well gee, she mighta been right.

There is an UNLIMITED ceiling to how far you can take your career as a content creator. Sure most of us make about uhh... $0 per month on Twitch, but there is also Ninja who made like A MILLION IN A WEEK or something like that. Sure there is probably some luck involved with that kind of success, but at the end of the day if you want to achieve something like that, most people could do it if they were truly willing to put the effort in.

Plus there's the option of taking it slow. You could decide that you want to make a cool $80K per year, and just enjoy the fact that you'r doing what you love all day instead of the norm. It seems like in content creation it's all or nothing, but that's just because the big guys are seen the most.

4. You're Building An Asset

Right so, in a standard job, you go in for a set time, you do what you have to, you go home and you've made some money. Not only is your financial success as a content creator (Streamer/YouTuber) a direct result of your time and effort, but you are actually building a lasting asset that can see exponential growth.

So if we look first at your monetary gain being the result of how hard you work, we'll understand what an amazing incentive that is to build this social asset. The best part of this, is what I mentioned earlier, exponential growth. Every video you place on YouTube stays on for as long as you like, or at least as long as YouTube likes, this means that while you will see a lump sum from the initial posting of the video, you will also see a small amount come in each month for likely years after that video was created. This applies and compounds with every video made. This asset building outlook can also be applied to the growth of followers, subscribers and the general building of a personal brand.

5. It's Hard To Get Bored

It truly is. As a content creator, you will find that there is always new stuff to learn, always a way to improve your content, and even when it starts to feel like a wash and repeat process, you can completely switch up your style at any point; find a new game, find a new genre of game, start reviewing meme's, it's honestly up to you. There will always be new lighting, a new camera, new camera tricks, new people to work with, new games, different news and event's, more memes! At some point you may decide that you want more privacy, or that work load is getting a little high, but if you have the drive to move forward, you'll never be bored.

It really is a lot of fun, it's scary not always being able to see the road ahead, but the reward outweighs the risk 500%.

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Ben Cottam
Ben Cottam
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