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5 Cool Amazon Kitchen Gadgets

5 must-have kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier and more enjoyable

By KrishnaPublished about a year ago 5 min read
5 Cool Amazon Kitchen Gadgets
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In today's fast-paced world, people are constantly on the go and looking for ways to simplify their lives. One area where this is especially true is in the kitchen. With so many different gadgets and accessories available, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth investing in. In this article, we'll be taking a closer look at five cool kitchen gadgets that can make your life easier and more enjoyable. These include the Food Kitchen Scale, BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle, Hamilton Beach Personal Blender, Ninja AF101 Air Fryer, and Mini Maker for Individual Waffles. Whether you're a busy professional or a stay-at-home parent, these gadgets are sure to help you save time and create delicious meals and snacks with ease. So let's dive in and discover what makes each of these accessories so unique and valuable in the modern kitchen.

1. The Food Kitchen Scale is a useful and practical gadget for any home cook or baker. This scale allows for accurate measurement of up to 5 kg/11 lb precisely in 1 g increments, making it perfect for precise recipe measurements. The unit conversion feature allows you to easily switch between oz/lb:oz/fl’oz/g/mL, making following recipes more convenient. The power for this scale is provided by 2 AAA batteries (included), making it portable and easy to replace the batteries when needed. Additionally, the tare function allows you to remove container weight from the final measurement of your food, making it easier to measure ingredients accurately. The backlit LCD display ensures that measurements are easily read, while the 304 food-grade, stainless steel platform provides a durable and reliable surface for measuring food, small items, and liquids with confidence.

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Food Kitchen Scale as described above*

2. The BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle is a popular and highly functional kitchen gadget that makes preparing protein shakes and other beverages easier than ever before. With a 20-ounce capacity (Note: measurement markings only go to 14 ounces), this shaker bottle is perfect for mixing protein powders, smoothies, and other drinks on the go. The patented mixing system uses a 316 surgical-grade stainless steel BlenderBall wire whisk found only in BlenderBottle brand shaker cups, ensuring that ingredients are blended thoroughly and evenly. The wide mouth of the bottle makes it easy to add mix scoops and liquids, and embossed markings measure both ounces and milliliters. The rounded base ensures thorough mixing of all ingredients. The screw-on lid creates a leak-proof seal, and the secure flip cap with SpoutGuard keeps the mouthpiece clean, while the wide loop top allows for easy carrying or attaching keys. This BlenderBottle is dishwasher safe, BPA and phthalate-free, making it both convenient and safe for daily use.

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3. The Hamilton Beach Personal Blender is a versatile and convenient kitchen gadget that makes it easy to prepare fruit smoothies, shakes, and other icy drinks right in the 14 oz. BPA-free portable travel jar. The blender jar comes with a travel lid, which doubles as a go-cup, making it portable, lightweight, and easy to take on the go. It even fits most car cup holders, making it perfect for commuters and people who are always on the move. With powerful blending performance, durable stainless steel blades on the blender power through ice, frozen fruits, and leafy greens for smooth and consistent results, making it perfect for adding more vitamins and nutrients into your diet in smoothies and protein shakes. The quick and easy cleanup of this blender makes it perfect for daily use, as the blending jar, blades, and travel lid are all dishwasher safe. The compact design of this personal blender makes it perfect for small spaces, such as the home, office, travel, small dorms, and apartments, while the easy one-touch blending allows you to quickly prepare a variety of icy drinks by just pressing a button, making it the go-to blender for shakes and smoothies.

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Hamilton Beach Personal Blender as described above*

4. The Ninja AF101 Air Fryer is a must-have kitchen gadget for anyone who loves fried food but wants to enjoy it without the guilt. With up to 75 percent less fat than traditional frying methods, it has been tested against hand-cut, deep-fried French fries to ensure the best results. The wide temperature range of 105 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit allows you to gently remove moisture from foods or quickly cook and crisp foods with convection heat, giving you the flexibility to cook a variety of dishes. With a 4-quart ceramic coated nonstick basket and crisper plate, it can fit up to 2 pounds of french fries, making it perfect for families and entertaining. The unit will need time to preheat before coming up to temperature, and it is recommended that you preheat the unit for 3 minutes before adding your ingredients to achieve the best results. In addition to frying, the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer can also dehydrate food to create flat, chip-like dehydrated foods for fun, homemade snacks. The combination of low fan speed and low temperature enables thorough dehydration, giving you even more cooking options. Finally, this air fryer is easy to clean, with dishwasher safe parts, including the basket, crisper plate, and multi-layer rack, making it a convenient addition to any kitchen.

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Ninja AF101 Air Fryer as described above*

5. The Mini Maker for Individual Waffles is a versatile and compact kitchen gadget that can make more than just waffles. It is perfect for small kitchens, dorm rooms, or even on-the-go. With a 4-inch nonstick cooking surface, it can make single-serving portions of any batter. It heats up quickly and features dual non-stick surfaces that provide an even cook for consistent results and delicious golden waffles every time. Cleanup is a breeze thanks to the nonstick surfaces. The Mini Maker is a perfect gift for weddings or new homes, and its small size and trendy color options will match any kitchen décor.

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Mini Maker for Individual Wafflers as described above*

In conclusion, these kitchen accessories are designed to make cooking and meal prep easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable. From the precision of a food scale to the convenience of a personal blender, these tools can help you create healthier meals and snacks with less effort. The Ninja Air Fryer and Mini Waffle Maker offer a fun twist on classic recipes, while the BlenderBottle Classic V2 Shaker Bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated on the go. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice cook, these accessories can help you elevate your culinary skills and create delicious meals in no time.

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