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5 Best Freelance Jobs For Freshers

by Rahul sharma about a month ago in list
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If the thought of being your own boss, working as per your schedule and convenience thrills you, freelancing jobs can be the best for you. A freelancing job offers you the flexibility that nine to five cannot. You don’t have to commute to any office, wear a suit or deal with any annoying bosses. Besides providing flexibility, freelancing jobs pay very well. Many college students take up freelancing jobs because it enables them to earn some money and become financially independent.

There are many freelancing jobs in the market. Here is a list of the 5 best freelance jobs for freshers.

Social media specialist

A social media specialist is responsible for planning a social media strategy to promote the business of their client. They research the target customers and the platforms they are most active. The person then creates and publishes engaging content on those platforms to attract that audience and persuade them to visit the company’s website. By regularly sharing engaging content, a specialist creates an online presence for the client and builds a strong brand image. They interact with followers daily and organise interactive events and contests to publicise the brand. The social media specialist is one of the best freelance jobs for freshers and college students looking to earn some money.

Web Designer

As the name suggests, a web designer is responsible for creating an aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and interactive website. These websites should be made keeping in mind the requirements and specifications of the client. Before a web designer starts working on the website, they conduct research to understand user preferences. It is after that they use that knowledge to create a well organised, easy to use the website. They create visual elements and develop content according to brand requirements. They also create content management systems so they can update the website easily. Web designers closely get to work with designers, content writers and marketers to improve the website.


An accountant is a person who manages financial transactions for people, companies and organisations and informs them about their financial health. As an accountant, you would be responsible for auditing and maintaining financial records and documents, preparing financial statements and budgets, taking care of financial data and ensuring the confidentiality of financial matters. You would also handle bank statements and deposits, file tax returns and comply with tax policies and regulations.


A tutor is a great option you can consider before starting your journey as a freelancer. It is one of the best freelance jobs for freshers that pays really well. As a tutor, you would assist college/school students in revising various topics. But before you become a tutor, you need to have an excellent grasp of the topic/subject you would be teaching other students. You would have to research various learning resources, stay updated about the subject(s) and prepare a proper lesson plan for the students. Lately, you would have to use different teaching methods to enable a better learning experience and evaluate students’ progress in their subjects.


If you have a knack for writing, then this is the best job for you. A writer creates various types of content—informative, promotional, educational and entertainment, according to the needs of the client. You might need to write short or long-form content for blogs, articles, brochures, advertisements, infographics, scripts, news stories, social media posts, product descriptions, captions for social media posts, newsletters and books. A writer also needs to research topics and plan and create content according to a platform and audience. Once you complete your write-up, you would have to ask for feedback from your client and make necessary changes. You might also collaborate with other writers, artists and designers on various projects.



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