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3 Types of Business Tech Your Company Needs

Make sure your business has the latest tech to help it be more efficient

By Sasha McGregorPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Modern businesses have largely embraced the advantages of modern technology in order to boost efficiency and increase profit margins. Businesses have long depended on cutting edge technology, but today’s tech is profoundly advanced and likewise complex. Here’s what you need to know in order to augment your business with the latest gadgets and gizmos.

IoT Technology

The Internet of Things is a fairly recent development in the tech world, and it’s one that has really taken root among both consumers and businesses. IoT technology encompasses a vast array of different devices that are united under the umbrella of connectivity. For example, businesses can use a time tracking app to keep more accurate records of their employees’ time worked, and this can be calculated into wages earned seamless and automatically by the app. This is particularly helpful for businesses with remote or mobile workers, the former of which is becoming increasingly common in the internet age. The true power of IoT technology is that ability to create a network of various devices so that users can control an entire office or even their home all from one place, often with voice commands. This is done by connecting various IoT devices to a central hub, and this is exemplified by the virtual assistants like Alexa that are growing in popularity among consumers.

Cloud Computing

In a similar vein, cloud computing has taken the world by storm by offering a more connected experience. However, the objective of cloud computing relates largely to devices like computers that are typically associated with calculations. Cloud computing is similar in purpose to traditional networking, but it has two main advantages. The first of these is simply that the cloud enables devices to connect wirelessly, something that can expand the scope of a network by removing spatial constraints such as cables and general proximity. The more important advantage of computing is that it allows computers to work together on resource intensive calculations by pooling their computational resources and processing power. This model of networking is quickly taking over in businesses that rely heavily on data, because cloud computing enables a network to crunch numbers at unprecedented speeds and reduces the strain of these calculations on each individual machine. Cloud storage has been more widespread use as a means of creating a remote backup of your files that can be easily and selectively shared.

Solar Power

The increased demand for advanced tech in large numbers results in immense electricity costs that can undermine your bottom line. However, there is a more cost effective option that is also eco friendly. Solar panels are relatively inexpensive, although a solar battery can be up to five times the cost of a single panel. The low cost and small size of solar panels can allow you to tailor your solar array to the demands of your business, and you can also increase your yield one panel at a time as the budget allows. While the initial cost of creating a solar array is less than ideal, the amount of money solar energy will save you from month to month is tremendous. This will go a long way toward reducing the overhead costs of maintaining a network and the machines therein.

Businesses that remain open 24/7 have a steeper barrier to entry by virtue of requiring a battery, but they also benefit even more from the reduced electricity bills. Solar power is still relatively unrefined, so it remains less efficient than the standard model of electrical generation, but its cost effective, renewable, and clean nature makes it a valuable asset to your company. Integrating modern solutions into your company can be intimidating, but it’s the best way to even the odds in an increasingly digital world. Knowing even just the basics of this tech is therefore paramount. This guide can give you a great place to start, but you’ll need to trust experts in various fields in order to complete the picture.


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