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3 Things to Learn from Celebrity IG Handles

by Thomas Miller 2 years ago in social media

Instagram Post Templates & Instagram Stories Online

Instagram Story Maker

‘There is something to learn from everyone’ is the rule of thumb when you are a digital marketer. And, what else can be more inspiring than celebrities when you have to keep users engaged or entertained?!

Some celebs may have hired someone to handle their Instagram profiles while some may do it on their own using Instagram Post Templates. But the point is to see how they keep their social media handles look clean & polished.

Peppy Promotions

Movie Poster Templates

Be it a product launch, a new movie or song launch, trailers, teasers or anything else, watch out the timings they get them live at.

Secondly, it’s a fame game when you are into any business & they keep it unique & classy with exotic template designs.

Wow-full Wall Posts

Instagram Stories Online

Visiting any celeb’s Instagram Profile is a treat for the eyes & one of our personal favorites is Deepika Padukone. What an opulence her profile exhibits! You would be her fan again as you have a glance at her IG wall by using IG Story Maker.

Every post should be ‘worth it’ & should add beauty to your wall instead of just making the post count.

Instagram or IG stories is the secret ingredient which can turn your free branding material maker and recipe successful.

Unleashing the power of Instagram is what you should think of while seeing IG stories. “We learn by seeing others” is what they say & is true to a great extent. So, you must have seen plenty of ways in which popular IG handles utilize stories to hook users. Do the same, but in a different way!

See them as ‘Golden Egg’

Stories keep rolling in a loop all day long on Instagram & users find something new to see anytime the app is opened. Grab this opportunity & ‘design’ your stories. Serve the variety which they want to see & make them ‘swipe-up’ & buy the product directly.

Create IG Stories more than Just Stories

Leave it all to classic Instagram Story Maker for engaging look & feel. This falls true for both – business & personal IG handles. Swiping is what any user will do but if you want your product to make an impression, serve IG stories which make them ‘Stop-by’.

Get Picky for Templates

A lot many options are available for story-telling. You may either use an image story or combine text & a video into one. The CTR is inclined when users find something different from the rest of the stories they commonly come across.

Don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to user engagement as businesses exist for users after all!

Head over to sassy IG Ad Post Template & help your business with ready-to-use feeds to serve hot as you want.

Sizzling Stories

Instagram Stories Templates

‘Stories for Today will be Highlights for tomorrow’ is what Instagram makes us learn with Instagram Story Creator For Instagram. Create a sizzling hot story using fascinating templates regardless of the purpose for which it is being made. Even if it’s just a Birthday wish or a Monday Morning, make it remembered.

After all, someday someone is going to see your profile & will be impressed with the collection of mesmerizing highlights you have!

Any business can be inspired by this & implement the same to make the most of Instagram. Try your hands on some beautiful Instagram Story Ideas templates now at PhotoADKing

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