3 Things Employers Love to See Beyond Good Grades

by Kevin Gardner 9 months ago in interview

Employers are focused on so much more than good grades and exam scores.

3 Things Employers Love to See Beyond Good Grades

Employers are looking for talented and skilled new hires. Employers are focused on so much more than the basic qualities most young professionals tend to have, such as good grades or random job experience. They are looking to hire powerful individuals, individuals who are different and who have a talent that sets them apart from the rest of the workforce.

Employers want new employees who can make a difference in their company. Here are three things you can bring to the interview that will boost your chances of getting hired and are essential to your job negotiation training.


It's easy enough to sit down in front of a prospective employer and insist that you're creative. You can go a long way to putting yourself at the top of a list of candidates for a job by proving the point. To prove you have strong creative skills, you need to have done something creative. Here are some ways you can put your creativity on display.

  1. Website: It is recommended that you have your own website before you complete your resume. A website offers you a portal to display all of your skills. You can also write a personal blog in your chosen career field to put your creative skills on display.
  2. Podcast: Creating a podcast is another way to promote strong creative skills. To post a competent podcast takes time and effort. Employers find these types of creative efforts to be a sign of how strongly you will be dedicated to your job.
  3. YouTube Channel: Having a YouTube channel may seem like nothing more than a fun waste of time. However, if you concentrate your content on your career aspirations, it can be a portal into your abilities to think creatively.


Very few jobs don't benefit from being able to diversify. Showing your future employers that you have this skill can be difficult. One way is to show various roles you’ve been able to fulfill at other jobs that may have been outside of your job description. Document these opportunities and use them to build a stronger portfolio. These stories not only show your ability to diversify, but show your willingness to change and help as well as something that all employers love: Your desire to be efficient.

These types of opportunities can go beyond simply adding substance to your portfolio. As you seek opportunities to diversify your skillset, you will meet those different from you, and learn from them. All employers want their employees to fit in and add to their company culture. One of the main goals of having a diverse company is to make sure everyone feels at home and can work in an environment conducive to efficient productivity. By showing your employer what you have done to add to your previous workplace, they know that you can do the same for them, and will fit in quite nicely with their culture.

Time Management

By taking the initiative to do any of the previous suggestions all while still handling your normal workload, your time management abilities will be almost too obvious. Anytime you can blend a solid core of creative activities inside and outside of work, while still producing results, you must focus on managing your time well.

Think about it as if you were a young college student. Students who have little more than a transcript, of course, hours completed, attached to a grade point average, don't offer as much to potential employers. However, a student who volunteers, who has a job, who plays sports, etc. stands out. The same goes for you as a young professional. The more you do, the more you will stand out. Evidence of good time management skills can indicate to a potential employer that you will not be prone to distractions on the job.

If you can still navigate your way through your normal workload, plus find the time to be passionately involved in outside activities, you send a strong signal to future employers. Life gets crazy, and if you can show that you strive to increase your skills both on AND off paper, you stand out as a very strong candidate. Employers are looking to hire people with strong time management skills.

Build a strong set of unique talents that make you more than just a number. Present yourself as creative, collaborative, and capable future employee. This will also prove valuable during salary negotiations when you are hired.

Just doing your job will not be the spark that ignites your career. Being able to display competency in these three areas will. These types of things will make you far more attractive to potential employers than just another candidate. If you're just now branching out and looking for other job opportunities, practice these skills at your current job, so when the time rolls around you will be prepared to be THE candidate that everyone wants.

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