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3 Magazines and Websites Who Pay Freelancers $125.00–500.00 For a Nonfiction Article

Health, art, and tech markets looking for pitches from freelance nonfiction writers

By AntonioPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Finding good freelance writing opportunities can be pretty challenging. Here are 3 more markets you might be interested in. These are niche markets, but each is very broad. One covers health and wellness, the second is a tech, science, and gaming market, and the final selection is about art and artists.

Well + Good

Website: Well + Good

Guidelines: Well + Good Guidelines

Send Story Query To: See guidelines page

Looking For: Nonfiction

Payment: $150.00–500.00+

Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: No

Pays Writers on Assignment: No

More Info:

Well + Good’s tagline is “Wellness For Everyone.” This online publication has spent the last decade covering all different topics related to what being healthy means. Being healthy includes a well and healthy mind, body, and spirit.

Nonfiction: They are looking for both reported pieces and personal essays. They are interested in food, physical health, mental health, lifestyle, beauty, travel, and fitness. If you feel like you have a story that does not neatly fit into one of those categories but would still be great for Well + Good, you can pitch that as well. Depending on the topic, there are different editors, so make sure you are pitching the correct editor.

The rate of pay will be negotiated at the time of assignment. However, they do have standard rates, so you can get an idea of where negotiations may start.

Reported pieces can start at $150.00 for a very short article of 500 words but can go up to $500.00 for an article of 1,200 or more words and relies on more than 4 sources. Payment may climb about the $500.00 mark.

If you are pitching personal essays and op-eds, these articles start at $200.00 for articles of about 600 words and can go up to $400.00 or more for articles of 1,000+ words.


Website: Engadget

Guidelines: Engadget Guidelines

Send Story Query To: [email protected]

Looking For: Nonfiction

Payment: $0.25 per word (usually $125.00–250.00).

Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: No

Pays Writers on Assignment: No

More Info:

Engadget is a website covering tech news and reviews. If you love writing about games, gaming, gear, tutorials, and buying guides, this could be the perfect tech and gaming writing opportunity for you.

They also cover AI, Space, Robotics, entertainment, phones, smartwatches, headphones, laptops, and gaming consoles.

Nonfiction: If this is the type of website you think you can write for, you will want to send them a pitch. Include the topic, potential titles, why this article is essential right now (current events, how it is relevant today), and anything pertinent you think they need to know in your pitch.

21 Writing Markets That Pay At Least 100.00 a Piece — Some Pay Into The Thousands

Find magazines and websites looking for freelancers of nonfiction, poetry, fiction, and more!

The Artist’s Network

Website: The Artist’s Network

Guidelines: none online

Send Story Pitches or Completed Manuscripts To: contact us page

Payment: $300.00–500.00+

Accepts Simultaneous Submissions: No

Pays Writers on Assignment: No

More Info:

The Artist’s Network is a website and a collection of magazines that have articles, videos, and podcasts to help artists with everything to deal with their artwork. This includes techniques, medium, inspiration and commentary, and articles from other artists.

Nonfiction: They are looking for book excerpts, historical, how-to articles, essays, interviews, profiles, and new products. The word count they are looking for is 500–1,200.

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