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21 Companies that Pay You to Test Sites -part 2

21 Companies that Pay You to Test Sites -part 2

By Cosmin ChildPublished 2 years ago 8 min read
21 Companies that Pay You to Test Sites -part 2
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We continue the list of companies that offer site testing services.

The opportunity of such a job is great, with seriousness, attention, creativity, and, observation, attention to detail can achieve a performance in this field. from this poinBesidest, you can aim for a career.

A manual or automated testing course can be a solution for faster and better quality improvement. I am personally enrolled in such a professional training course. I look forward to starting it. I will present various useful information for those who want a career, optional, freelancing, in this field.

Until then, you can track and test the following companies.

Respondent is marginally not the same as other site testing organizations in that they are searching for experts from different ventures. Here you will bring in cash in light of your subject matter as opposed to on the minutes spent finishing tests. Beside testing sites, clients can likewise get compensated for studies and joining center gatherings.

The cash paid differs extraordinarily, with deals and backing experts making a normal of $100 each hour and chiefs averaging $700. Respondent doesn’t send notices when you meet all requirements for a test. However, it’s certainly worth the work of signing in day to day and checking, particularly if you are in one of their profoundly sought-after callings.


IntelliZoom is the obtaining board utilized by UserZoom, which additionally procured a few other unmistakable industry players like Validately and WhatUsersDo.

The site testing on IntelliZoom is either finished by answering standard reviews or recording sound and video. They just compensate $2 for standard reviews, yet normally $10 for each recorded test. That checks out as the recorded tests take more time to 20 minutes each.

It is not difficult to begin, and installments come through PayPal within 21 work days in the wake of finishing the work.


UTest professes to be the biggest local area of analyzers on the planet. In any case, it is vital to take note that they principally pay for observing programming bugs. You can bring in cash by finishing convenience reviews however this is one of the testing potential open doors that is more fit for those with specialized abilities.

Since UTest assists analyzers with working on their abilities, this could maybe be a passage to the more talented testing position. This site is viewed as one of the most incredible paying destinations for proficient programming analyzers. To get compensated you will require a Payoneer or PayPal account. The amount you will get compensated will change contingent upon the work you do.


You want to finish up an application to test sites for this Australian organization. It doesn’t necessarily acknowledge entries to join its board of paid site analyzers (Applications are being acknowledged at the hour of composing). Loop11 leans towards building a rundown of top-notch analyzers and compensating them with rewards and more work.

Dissimilar to numerous different stages, Loop11 doesn’t cover the length of tests.

Even though they guarantee to pay better than expected rates, the organization doesn’t give a ton of data to forthcoming analyzers. Since testing sites is a side hustle and the more destinations you utilize the more you are probably going to make, it appears as though it merits requiring five minutes to finish up their application to be reached for work from now on.

16. Ferpection

This French site is a decent choice on the off chance that you truly aren’t excessively sharp about recording sound or video. With Ferpection, you test sites on a cell phone or tablet and send criticism utilizing screen captures and itemized remarks.

There is an example test you should finish before tolerating different tests (or “missions” as Ferpection calls them). You will acquire around €10 per test yet you can’t pull out your cash through PayPal until you come to the €25 edge.

While Perception gets acclaim for its help group, you will not get compensated until regardless arbitrators have endorsed your criticism. That balance can at times take time.


TestIO is another site that is outfitted more toward stars. The organization has clients test applications, sites, and games searching for bugs. You can procure up to $50 for each issue you find — and regardless of whether you spot any bugs you can in any case get compensated for rating the applications.

Tesco pays one time each month and has more installment choices than most, offering PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, or bank move.


In PlaytestCloud, analyzers assist with gaming engineers realize what works and what doesn’t in their games.

You’ll require a moderately current Android or IOS telephone or tablet to test the games, and the prizes rely upon the errands you’re approached to do. Nonetheless, a normal trial for 15–20 minutes and pays around $9 US.

To turn into a playtester, you need to finish the sign-up structure, which requests subtleties like “which games do you like to play to some extent week after week?” and “Your Gaming Gadgets.” You’ll likewise need to finish a short, neglected capability test.

After you breeze through the assessment, you’ll have to download the PlaytestCloud programming onto your gadget. Then you’ll receive messages welcoming you to test new games when they become accessible.

Likewise, with most testing locales, the game engineers need to know your thought process, so you’re approached to offer your viewpoint without holding back as you play the game. The product records both the onscreen activity and your expressed input.

19. Validately

Situated in New York, Validately recruits analyzers in UX (Client Experience) for work area and portable application testing. At the point when you join, they’ll pose a few inquiries, including the gadgets you use, your age, schooling, and level of pay. Then, at that point, if your application to join is effective, they’ll send you messages with a connection to an appropriate report for you to enter.

Validately lead “unmoderated” tests, which normally pay $10 for 10–15 minutes.

The organization likewise directs booked directed live tests, which last longer and pay somewhere in the range of $40 and $70. During these tests, you talk through a webcam and offer your screen with a mediator.

It appears, however, that finishing a test doesn’t naturally ensure installment, as the analyst settles on a definitive choice of whether a reaction qualifies. Notwithstanding, assuming something turns out badly and they reject your test, they email you to explain to you why.

To no one’s surprise, all installments are made through PayPal, so having a record is an essential for joining Validately.

20, Ubertesters

Ubertesters has two sorts of analyzers, “beta” (inadequate) and PrimeTesters, who hold a Ubertester Testament. To turn into a PrimeTester, you really want to breeze through a hypothetical assessment and a functional assignment. Nonetheless, fortunately you don’t need to pay to finish the tests.

Whenever you’ve enrolled, you might need to stand by some time before you hear from Ubertesters. Likewise most organizations, they have a huge number of analyzers on their books. Assuming a reasonable venture comes up, you’ll get an email welcoming you to join.

Installments are made month to month through Amazon gift vouchers, Paypal or, (every so often) Upwork. The rates fluctuate by the venture and your degree of involvement. Dissimilar to certain locales, Ubertesters ensures installment when you complete an undertaking/test.


UserPeek is a newcomer to client testing destinations. It’s new to the point that trying programming is as yet being worked on.

Nonetheless, the site is at present requesting pre-enrollments. To qualify, you really want to communicate in English sensibly well and have a PayPal account that permits you to get cash in your country.

UserPeek means to pay $10 US for a 15 brief site testing video when they get rolling. Like UberTester, they will likewise offer the chance to build your income by qualifying as an affirmed analyzer.

After you apply to join, the site takes you on a visit through the product. Then you’re approached to record a model client test which they audit to guarantee it fulfills their quality guidelines. If you youIf pass, you’ll be endorsed as a UserPeek analyzer, and they’ll tell you when the site is ready to go.

Assuming you’re keen on doing client testing, it’s presumably worth your time and energy to apply to UserPeek and be one of the preferred choices when it makes ready.

Does Client Testing Truly Pay?

Organizations and designers need input on sites and applications, and there are a lot of client testing locales around to help.

You CAN bring in genuine cash doing client testing; simply don’t anticipate that it should be Getfull-time pay.

What amount do Site Analyzers get Compensated?

Most locales will quite often pay in the area of $10 per test, and tests ordinarily require around 20 minutes. Not terrible for work needs no capabilities and just expects you to offer your perspective on a site or application. Notwithstanding, it’s not “make easy money” cash.

Tips to Take full advantage of Testing Sites

Testing sites are a moderately basic cycle generally speaking. On the off chance that you can utilize a site and offer your viewpoint, you’re qualified. Be that as it may, to take advantage of it, beneath are a few additional tips for client testing destinations:

  • Become accustomed to talking your contemplations without holding back — this is exactly the very thing the testing locales need.
  • Cautiously audit each site’s gear necessities. Client testing locales might expect you to have a totally modern working framework, for instance.
  • Ensure you know what cash they pay in and how you will be paid. You need to be clear about how much cash you will get toward the day’s end. Money transformations and PayPal expenses can have a Majormajor effect.
  • Ensure you take the example test, whenever required, genuinely.
  • Consider pursuing a few destinations. Like that, you have a superior possibility tracking down testing potential open doors that you fit the bill for.
  • Ensure you work in a peaceful climate. Many locales expect you to work over an amplifier, and some solicitation a webcam. Interruptions will lessen the nature of your tests, which can prevent you from being designated more.
  • Many locales offer test support on a theforofGet full early bird gets the worm premise. On the off chance that you anticipate accomplishing this work, you ought to set up programmed email cautions and have genuinely open accessibility. This work is the most ide for those with the opportunity to get a test the subsequent it opens up.
  • Be as definite as possible in your site appraisals. That assists give the clients with bettering information and further develops your test input.
  • Try not to attempt to get more tests by “cheating” the segment questions.


Getting compensated as a site analyzer on client testing locales can be one of the more agreeable ways of bringing in additional cash on the web. Simply recollect that it’s a side hustle and not an everyday work. You’re not liable to make a fortune offered the predetermined number of testing chances.

Notwithstanding, having the opportunity to bring in additional cash while showing an organization what it resembles for the normal shopper to utilize a site, application or game is something you can’t actually “entirely misunderstand,” and it tends to be somewhat fun!

Testing begins with testing.


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