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11 Useful Places to Look for Your First Remote Job

by Lovelli Fuad 3 years ago in career

Freelancers manage their own time and are free to choose who they want to work with.

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To survive in the long-run, freelancers establish their authority by building a brand and registering their freelance business. In their free time they build up their portfolio and invest in setting up their virtual and physical workspace. Freelancers manage their own time and are free to choose who they want to work with and set their own price.

As a freelancer, you are never unemployed, because as soon as you complete one job, you are already looking for your next gig. So if you want to make more money, you have two options: do more work or charge more. With your website, portfolio and workspace ready, all you’ve got to do is put in a ton of work to find freelance gigs.

1. ClearVoice

This is one place where talented people who create content come to find freelance work. Through its talent network, ClearVoice provides a chance for content creators to connect with high-quality clients, comprising of top brands and agencies. To apply, you need to create a CV portfolio, which basically is just your CV + your portfolio of at least six work examples. You need to provide some information about yourself in the form of a short bio and add a representative photo of yourself.

Join the ClearVoice Talent Network.

2. The Dots

The Dots is one fine looking up-and-coming social media platform connecting people with teams and brands. The network defines itself as “a professional network for the people and teams that don’t wear suits to work.” What really interests me is how The Dots look to embrace the future of automation with creativity, our secret weapon. So once you join the platform, you’ll be able to claim your share of credit for projects you’ve worked on. Display your list of projects to attract clients and take it with you on the go with the iOS app.

Join the Dots Network of Makers, Doers, Fixers and Dreamers.

3. WorkMarket

This freelance platform is built on the promise of delivering impactful tools and experiences to unlock new levels of productivity, engagement and growth. What you need to do once you create an account is complete your profile with your freelancer information and include all the necessary certifications, licenses, rates and schedule. In addition, you get to take tests upon invitation. Join teams in the “Labor Clouds” section to start accepting assignments based on certain requirements and qualifications.

Join WorkMarket.

4. Xplace

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Some reviews say that Xplace is similar to Upwork and Fiverr, where freelancers compete in a big job market to get work from clients. But with Xplace you get to register as an expert by applying for certification, and that means you’ll be earning more. The platform works a bidding system, where freelancers place their bids to a project before being awarded the task by the project owner.

Join Xplace.

5. Know More

This platform is strictly for PowerPoint freelancer jobs. You’ll find design jobs and get paid USD8 per hour for high quality work. The technical requirements include knowledge of PowerPoint 2010, Windows based PC, a Skype account, and a verified PayPal account. Think you’re not cut out yet to start? Head over to the practice section and work on your design chop.

Join Know More.

6. CodementorX

This one is for developers and peer-approved mentors. To apply as a developer, you will need to fill in an application and go through the approval process. One of the most valuable feature of CodementorX is the community, where insights and ideas get shared and you learn from your fellow developers.

Join CodementorX.

7. Toptal

I have not joined Toptal yet, but from what I have read online, the freelance platform has got opportunities for data science works. The screening process for freelancers is quite rigorous. An applicant will undergo live screening and work on test projects based on real-world scenarios. Their website claims that fewer than the top three percent of those who apply are accepted.

Join Toptal.


Remote work opportunities for talented free and open-source software developers for full-time freelance work. In order to attract top talents, claims the framework is created for all knowledge work, anything for the technology community. The platform matches clients with their talent pool of remote workers that they call Professional Freelancers. In order to past their test, you will undergo a series of professional review, technical assessment, character assessment, and full reference checks.


9. Kaggle

In addition to joining their competitions, you can find jobs through Kaggle job listing. The competitions at Kaggle are real-world machine learning problems. People compete for prizes and share their Python or R analyses through Kaggle Kernels, which also rewards winners with prize money.

Join Kaggle.

10. Get Craft

This platform connects brands and organizations with content creators in Southeast Asia, who will have the option to deliver their services in English or locally. The services offered are photographers, writers and editors, designers, videographers, publishers, and influencers. Once you join the platform, you'll be able to create a workspace and sell your services by providing examples of your works.

Join Get Craft.

11. Mod Squad

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This platform appears to be very up-to-date and bold. It offers an opportunity to work as moderators for communities. Their digital services are available to top brands in the media, technology and organizations of every type, with a 24/7 promise of quality support in 50+ languages. From e-commerce to gaming to entertainment, kids, publishing and more, the Mod Squad promises to deliver brand ambassadors that can help manage our digital communities.

Join the Mod Squad.

Lovelli Fuad
Lovelli Fuad
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