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101 Ideas for passive income — part 4

by Cosmin Child 2 months ago in workflow / list / how to / economy / celebrities / career / business wars / business / apparel / advice
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Passive income is the best way to earn money consistently or to have extra income without having to work all the time or get an extra job.

101 Ideas for passive income — part 4
Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

Passive income not only guarantees you extra money but also security and many people have started to generate more and more money from such activities.

Let's continue the list of the 101 sources of passive income. You will find a lot of opportunities in the list below

78. Become an influencer

Influencers are among the best examples of people who generate passive income. From product recommendations, to brand representation, affiliate advertising, or participating in certain events, all of this brings them both active and passive income.

79. Create a website

As a programmer, you can earn a lot of money by actively working, but why not create a platform that generates a steady income as you develop your site?

As an example, you can look at sites like Booking, Airbnb, etc. but you can come up with a new idea and take it to the next level.

80. Develop a sales platform

What would it be like to create a sales platform like OLX, tomcat? ro, etc. where people sell their products and pay you a commission to promote themselves?

In addition, here you can make money from sponsored ads. So, you will work once but your passive income will come online in the future without the need for your presence.

81. Record a podcast

If you have a lot of expertise in a field or you just like to talk to certain people about various topics, recording a podcast can bring you very good passive income at some point.

Make sure you bring in a lot of followers and then you can either sell some more special recordings or place products during your podcast.

82. Develop a comparison site

You’ve probably heard of such sites, and they usually get heavy traffic.

So by creating such a site, your revenue will come from either sponsorship ads or PPC ads.

83. Sell ​​your pictures

If you are a photographer and you have a passion for taking pictures anyway, don’t limit yourself to just that. Generate additional and passive income from selling pictures on profile sites. Every time dinner buys a picture of you, you will receive a commission from selling it.

84. Create templates and designs

Whether you are good at creating templates for websites or you are simply very good at graphic design and you can create various images that can be sold for custom products or businesses.

These will give you a passive income from which you will have to earn in the long run.

85. Create logos

Every business needs a logo and you can make good money selling them. Create as many logos for various niches as possible and sell them to businesses that need them.

You can receive license fees or sell them at a higher price without having any rights over them.

86. Open an online store

Find very cheap products from eBay, Amazon, Aliexpres, etc, and sell them in your online store.

Such a store can bring you a very good income and you can choose collaborators to help you with the delivery of products if you do not want to take care of yourself.

87. Write business guides

If you enjoy writing and have information in a particular field, you can come up with some guidelines to sell to businesses that want to offer it to customers for free in exchange for email addresses. You have to look for clients here.

88.Record audiobooks

Some sites pay you to record audiobooks, but you can also make your platform.

Based on royalties, you can record audiobooks to sell to those who don’t have time to read them.

89. Develop a job platform

Job platforms work very well because there will always be people looking for work but also businesses looking for employees.

Here you can create certain subscriptions that companies pay for recruitment based on selections.

90. Create business presentations

If you are an expert in business or human resources you can create some presentations to sell to businesses that want to educate their people, on certain topics.

From how to create a relationship with the customer to how to sell, all of these can be the subject of a business presentation.

91. Become a business consultant

Your role is to consult people who want to start a business and do not know how to do it.

But in addition to the fact that you can actively help them, you can even provide them with some guides, videos, or recordings to use even in your absence. Create such materials for as many niches as possible.

92. Develop a Chrome extension

Chrome extensions help customize your browser, but they can also offer a multitude of options that you don’t have if you’re using the classic version.

If you are passionate about technology and IT and you know how to do it, you will make a lot of money, working once, creating the extension, and possibly improving it along the way.

93. Write a Blog

A blog can bring you a lot of money if you know how to grow it to generate a lot of traffic. Once you’ve brought in traffic, you can lie about it either by selling your products, if you have them, or through affiliate links, or, from ads paid for by other businesses.

94. Write business plans

Although business plans are unique and cannot be further sold, you can make good money from this activity.

To generate money even when you are not working, you can create certain guides, templates, or videos on how to create a step-by-step business plan for different niches.

95. Create illustrations

If you are a creative person, monetize your skills by creating different illustrations that you can sell online.

Whether you create them with a business theme, or for online magazines or websites, they will all generate a passive income.

96. Create an online bookstore

You don’t have to have physical books in your bookstore, but you can sell ebooks, books, studies, or any other kind of informational document that people would pay for.

Here you need royalties for books.

97. Create a news site

If you have knowledge of journalism and know how to collect information, be the first to publish it.

As you grow your site you will make money from many sources, from advertisements to business recommendations, advertorials, press releases, and ads. In addition, you can post articles on various topics.

98. Create a course platform

More and more people are choosing to re-profile or get rid of the job they no longer enjoy doing. And to be educated in the new field, they need courses.

Create a platform in which to bring various trainers to offer their services and you earn money from commissions.

99. Create a Wallet application

People need to keep their budget under control and monitor it. And for that, an application of this type in which to see exactly what budget they have available and how much they have spent can help them to optimize their budget and also to save.

You have the option to make ads if you have reached a large number of users or you can offer certain options for a fee.

100. Buy high traffic sites

If you want to make money from the ads that your business pays for, but you don’t want to do all the work from the beginning, you have the option to buy a site that already has traffic and that you can turn into an informative, news site. or whatever you are passionate about.

101.Creates digital products

Digital products such as diaries, planners, notes, notebooks, drawings for personalization, etc. can be loaded on various print-on-demand platforms (Etsy, Amazon). This way you will win whenever someone orders one of your products.

Active promotion on social networks can bring you more customers.

Active income is very good and can be of much more value than passive income, which at first seems not to be enough. But the idea is that at some point you have more free time, while the money you made being active, generates even more money.

Instead of working harder, choose to invest in ideas that will put your money to work, while you relax. But because nothing comes for free, you need to make a little effort to have free time and money in the future.

Choose an idea that resonates with you and that you are passionate about and start investing your time and money in business ideas that bring you passive income, that is, a lot of independence and freedom.

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