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101 Ideas for passive income — part 3

Passive income is the best way to earn money consistently or to have extra income without having to work all the time or get an extra job.

By Cosmin ChildPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
101 Ideas for passive income — part 3
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Passive income not only guarantees you extra money but also security and many people have started to generate more and more money from such activities.

Let's continue the list of the 101 sources of passive income. You will find a lot of opportunities in the list below

51. Create an interior design guide

If you are very passionate about interior design and you want a passive income in addition to the activity you do every day, choose to create a guide on how to make interior design rules according to certain criteria.

You can sell it in print or digital, written or video format.

52. Open a travel agency

A travel agency does not require your constant presence there. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Travel agencies will always be a trendy idea because people love to travel.

53. Creates and sells tailoring patterns

Your passion for tailoring can turn into a very good passive income. Usually tailoring brings you money as long as you work and are active.

But why not take your passion to another level? Create the patterns that you can sell to those who want to multiply your creations or offer them videos for a fee with concrete steps to follow.

54. I became a fitness teacher

Fitness is an activity that is increasingly loved and preferred by people of all ages, both for relaxation and movement or meditation.

If you know how to teach fitness, you can turn your passion into a passive income by recording certain classes or meditations and selling them to those who need them in addition to the physical or online fitness classes you take.

55. Create cosmetics

Cosmetics is an incredible source of passive income in the long run even if you have to work to create them first.

But once you’ve created the recipes, you can take your business to the level where you don’t have to be there every day.

56. Patent a recipe

Craft beer, creams, food supplements, or any other product you create can bring you active income as long as you choose to produce.

But you have the option to patent your recipe and then you can sell it or take a commission from each manufacturer that uses your recipe.

57. Become a trainer in makeup

Makeup generates a lot of income as long as you are active in this activity and most of the time the income is seasonal just like the activity.

But what about having a passive income even when you’re not working or out of season?

Then focus on offering makeup courses, either basic or specialized. Record them and sell them later to those who want to learn from you, but at their own pace.

58. Open a boarding house for dogs

Many dog ​​owners who love their pet and have no one to leave it with when they want to go on a vacation or for a few days can be your customers.

Your internal activity is to get the business up and running and then you can retire and hire veterinarians or caregivers to do the work for you.

If you also have a passion for dogs, obviously you can also participate, but it is not necessary to always be present.

59. Open a medical center

Medical centers are usually open by doctors, but this is not necessarily the case.

The doctors who opened such centers did so precisely to generate passive income not only active.

Although they work actively, they also have passive income. Regardless of whether you are a doctor or not, you cannot open a medical center if you know what a medical center entails and what equipment you need.

60. Open an accounting firm or create an accounting program

If you are an accountant you can make more money from your business. Either you open your accounting firm where you can work at the beginning with the other collaborators and then you only manage it remotely.

Or you can even think about creating a program with a programmer to help companies do certain specific actions automatically.

61. Open a car service

If you have a passion for cars, a car service will not only help you to activate your passion, but it can also bring you long-term passive income when you no longer want to work.

If you bring people with you to teach them what you know, they will not need your presence there all the time.

62. Open a professional laundry

Professional laundry is a very profitable passive income idea because these services are in high demand.

The investment is really big at the beginning but later you can have employees to take care of your business because you don’t need many employees in such a business.

63. Open an after school

Children’s education is an activity of the future and one worth investing in. If you have a space where you can open an after school and you don’t want to take care of the children, look for teachers who can help you.

64. Arcade games

Video games, paintball games, or children’s games that can be placed in certain places such as malls or parks, can generate good passive income.

All you have to do is invest in them and find the perfect place to put them. In general, the most profitable arcades are those that work based on chips, so that you do not need to be constantly present.

65. Investor in art

Art collectors are not only collectors for the sake of art but also because they can bring them incredible income.

If you have a passion for old but valuable things, it is worth making such investments because as time goes on, they become more and more valuable.

66.ATMs with various products

From coffee to snacks, salads, or sandwiches, ATMs are a great source of passive income.

Although you have to take care of their supply, this does not mean being there all the time. You can place them in schools, institutions, parks, or on the street.

67. Open a recording studio

A recording studio should not only address music recordings or interviews but can also be done to record audiobooks.

You have countless options for services that you can offer and hire people to sign up for you. All you have to do is invest in equipment.

68. Offer your racing car on Bolt, Uber

If you enjoy driving and want your car to bring you revenue and not expenses, then you can easily turn it into a revenue generator by racing on platforms like Bolt, and Uber.

Sources of passive income on the internet

69. Online courses.

Online courses are one of the best sources of passive income that more and more people are considering.

Here you work only once to create the course and your income increases as people purchase your course without you having to teach every time.

With this method, not only do you have free time that you can use for other activities, but you also have the chance to teach it to several people at the same time, from different locations.

70. Affiliate marketing

Through affiliate marketing, you receive a commission every time a customer has purchased a product recommended by you on your blog or social networks. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

You recommend only once and make money every time a customer sees your recommendation and makes an action in return for which you receive the commission.

71. Become a Social Networking Specialist

If you are passionate about everything related to social media, why not make money from this passion? Whether you choose to promote your business on Facebook or Instagram, growing your business can bring you a very good income.

Especially since you now have options for scheduling content, you don’t have to be present non-stop in this business.

72. Dropshipping

A business in which you do not have to invest a lot of money and do not know how to invest or stock up on products.

You simply create your online store, promote it very well and the delivery provider takes care of it.

73. Amazon FBA

If you want to have a store where you don’t have to spend all your time, looking for storage space, inventory, and shipping products, Amazon FBA is exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you have invested in a good promotion, the money will come without you being there, present 8 hours a day, like in a classic store.

Advertising displayed on your website

If you have a website or a blog with heavy traffic, then you have a very good source of passive income. Rent space on your site to display banners with ads for businesses that want to be promoted on your website.

74. Become a brand ambassador

If you are a big fan of a brand and you are used to spending time on social media, then you can easily make money from it.

Simply recommend the products of that brand and receive a commission whenever you generate a new sale or an extra customer.

75. Create an application

Do you like programming and are you very creative? Then create a very good application and you will be assured of a passive income in the future.

Even if users use it for free in the beginning, as it reaches as many people as possible, you can monetize it either with premium subscriptions or by displaying other business ads while your app is running.

76. Offer programs, subscriptions, or memberships

If you already have an online business that offers certain services, create subscriptions or memberships for people to pay to get more from you.

Here you can offer them all kinds of recordings that you work on only once, but people can access them no matter when they joined.

77. Become a YouTuber

There are many examples of people who have made a lot of money on YouTube.

You indeed have a little more work to do until you get there, but the passive income that this activity generates for you is worth all the effort. In addition to receiving money from Youtube, you can also make money from ads that run during your videos, but also through product recommendations.

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