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10 LinkedIn Resume Tips That Will Get You Hired In 2021

LinkedIn has long proven to be one of the most effective career tools of the 21st century.

By Pedro Perez Published 2 years ago 4 min read
10 LinkedIn Resume Tips That Will Get You Hired In 2021
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This social network was designed to bring together individuals from different layers of the job market, including entrepreneurs, CEOs, hiring managers, and job seekers themselves. As a result, we have a huge professional community where you can network, discover interesting jobs, and, hopefully, land your dream job with a high salary.

The impressive stats claim that recruiters hire 3 people via LinkedIn every minute. This is the future of recruitment and a weighty reason to start using it to your benefit.

But, where to start? By uploading your resume of course! In this blog post from, you will find an actionable guide on how to add to LinkedIn your resume. We will also tell you about some effective tips that will help engage pretty much any recruiter and make them want to employ you.


Although LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to showcase your biggest strengths in your personal profile, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a resume uploaded here. After all, most recruiters will still ask you to send your resume before they can invite you to an interview.

But, how to make it look good in your profile? Here are the top ten expert tips that will help you nail it.

Tailor It to Specific Positions

The main key to success is ensuring that your CV is perfectly targeted to the specific career field and occupations of your choice. If you tailor it right, this will help you show what makes you a perfect applicant for a particular job.

User a Chronological Format

A chronological or reverse-chronological are the two most popular resume formats that yield the most benefits. Experts recommend you to stick to these formats as they put your best points first, thus, helping to make the right impression.

Keep in Mind an ATS

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS for short) is basically an automation tool recruiters use to scan all the data contained in packs of resumes to define which candidates meet the employer’s demands and weed out those that don’t. So, if you want to ensure the acceptance of your application, be sure to adapt your CV for this system.

Drive Attention With a Flawless Summary or Objective

A summary or objective are the two ways to start your resume. The first is a statement that highlights the depth of a candidate’s work experience and hints at his or her biggest strengths and achievements. The second option is perfect for entry-level candidates and career changers. It places emphasis on your aspirations and professional goals.

Align the Experience Section With Your LinkedIn Profile

If you are planning to apply to jobs via this social network you want your profile and resume to be uniform. You want them to look harmonious and align together. Thus, the next tip is to make sure that your work history section on a resume mirrors what you specified in your profile.


Make Bullet Points That Highlight Skills and Achievements

Trying to tailor their CVs to specific jobs, many people make the same mistake - they use bullet points to list the duties they performed at different workplaces. However, this is not the best approach. A much better effect can be made if you use bulleted lists to highlight your hard skills and list measurable accomplishments.

Use Rough Numbers

As indicated in the previous tip, it’s important to highlight your measurable achievements. Thus, you will need to use concrete numbers. This trick will help your accomplishments look more valuable.

Don’t Leave Out the Education Section

Even if you only have a high school diploma, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t mention it on your CV. First of all, not all positions require a higher ed degree. And secondly, it’s possible to make your education section impressive even if you’ve never been to college. To do this, you only need to add some bullet points related to your training that indicate your accomplishments.

Consider Adding Extra Sections

While you all should know well what standard sections should be there, not everyone knows about the importance of having some extra sections. Well, the truth is that extra sections boost your chances of landing a job.

Depending on the chosen occupation, you may consider adding sections with awards, extracurriculars, foreign languages, volunteering experience, or anything else that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Stick to Active Voice and Use Action Words

Finally, one more tip we’d like to share with you is to always use active voice and the so-called action and power words in your descriptions and points. Such language is known to help better convey the value you can bring to a company. Thus, it will help you engage the readers more.

The Bottom Line

A large part of the world’s population is already using LinkedIn actively for professional growth and you can do the same! This unique social network offers plenty of opportunities for job seekers, helping them to discover exciting job opportunities and get hired.

Hopefully, this guide will help you create a perfect resume that you can upload to your profile and gain the maximum benefit. Follow the tips we shared and you will be doomed to succeed!


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