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Urologic Surgeon and Author, Dr. Oneeka Williams:

Full STEAM Ahead On Her Life’s Purpose

By Dr. P. GurleyPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

The difference between being successful and fulfilling your life's purpose isn't one of degree; it's an entirely different feeling. You can work hard to achieve all the goals society has set for you, but if that doesn't satisfy what makes me feel alive, then nothing will truly make up for missing out on this life's greatest gift: Finding our true selves through exploration comes through stepping out on faith. This is something Dr. Oneeka Williams, the urologic surgeon turned author, knows about all too well.

A woman of many accolades, she was the 2014 recipient of the Science Club for Girls Catalyst Award for Excellence and Diversity in Science, the 2016 EVKIDS Youth Champion Award, the 2018 GBS National Council of Negro Women of Courage and Conviction Award, the 2018 Guyanese Girls Rock Foundation, "Women of Influence" Award. Dr. Williams was also awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters from Endicott College in 2018. Book awards include the 2017 Best Book in the Category of Children's Educational (Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo's Beemore Breakthru) and 2018 Mom's Choice Award (Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo's Ice Worm Intervention), New York Book Award, and the 2021 Mass Conference for Women Target Storytellers Award.

Getting to know the varying parts of Dr. Oneeka and who she is outside of being an author and surgeon. I know you will be just as inspired as she shared all of the things that mean a lot to do. Her selflessness is motivating.

You are such an amazing woman with a lot of amazing accomplishments. What contribution do you think this shows to others?

I am an example of what is possible when you lead with courage, and I believe that I can encourage so many to connect to the same courage within them! I am a Harvard-trained urologic surgeon on a mission to Educate, Elevate and Empower. I do so in every sphere of my life….in my everyday care of patients, through my writing of children's books, The Dr. Dee Dee Dynamo Book Series designed to encourage all girls that there are no limits and increase representation in children's books- and now in my adult book Not Today, Negativity!

You have a podcast. Tell me about it and what the determining factor in creating it? Why should people tune in?

Positivity Pause Podcast-80% of the 6,000-18,000 daily thoughts are negative. Imagine the detrimental impact of thoughts and emotions that take away from our well-being. The data is clear that the constant stress and physiologic responses to negativity erode our mental, emotional and physical health. So, I wanted to create a space for Selfcare and recovery to press the pause button on negativity and reset with positive thoughts, emotions, and practices. Being intentional about creating moments for those things that restore us, recharge, refresh and help us to reset can have an undoing effect on the damage caused by years of stress and negativity. People should tune in because the content allows them to pause and recharge. It also brings good information about applying a positivity process through the practice of the 5 Habits of Positivity, shares great uplifting stories and different perspectives, and brings interviews that inspire and educate about the role of positivity in our lives.

You are a STEAM mentor for Scholastics and one of five women. How did you get selected for this? Why is STEAM important?

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) has become a significant educational focus. Not only because everything we do has a scientific basis and set of principles but also because our progress is deeply embedded in an increased understanding of the world around us. As such, the fastest-growing industries are all associated with STEM areas. Women and minorities have been woefully underrepresented in this area, and this has long-lasting implications for access, health, wealth, self-actualization, influence, and power. Scholastic had long recognized the power of story as a vehicle to educate and empower. So, when they decided to create a way to encourage and mobilize girls in STEAM, they introduced a new book collection, Rising Voices: Empowering Girls in STEAM.

What does 2022 look like for you, and do you have any signings or projects going on your audience should know about?

The pandemic has not only exposed injustices, racial inequities, disparities in health for communities of color, an epidemic of health care professional and physician burnout, and the tenuous mental health of our young people and communities, it has also provided pathways to change and opportunities to address these issues. So, if we could shift into a process for extracting the positives even in the direst of circumstances, we can begin to heal and affect change in ways that don't deplete us. 2022 is the Year of Positivity. I look forward to expanding the Island of Positivity through courses, workshops, books, speaking, and encouraging messages.

How can people connect with you?

People can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Websites are,, Products can be found here.


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