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Most Common Video Interview Tools to Use for Virtual Meetings and Interviews

by Susan Wray 2 months ago in Authors
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Discover video interview tools used for virtual meetings and interviews.

Video Interview Tools

Video interview tools are helpful in virtual meetings. Sometimes it becomes necessary to conduct an emergency meeting. Due to the shortage of time, video interviews as a resource may prove helpful. Computer technologies help bring ease to human life. Communication resources are being improved and enhanced. One of the communication tools is the use of virtual video communication.

A video interview is most commonly known as a job interview. During the purpose of recruitment, this resource proves to be helpful. When there is a need to conduct remote interviews, a video interview tool is useful. This remote interview resource uses video as a tool of communication.

The hiring process in the modern age is most of the time based on video interviews. This tool is widely used, as it consumes less time than physical appearances for interviews. Moreover, people from distant areas may also appear for competition.

This article researched by cheap essay writing help firm will go through the most commonly used video communication tools. These tools use for virtual meetings and interviews.

Certain criteria are essential to designing good video conference tools.

• It must be user-friendly.

• It should have access to all parties.

• It must be smooth and fluent.

• It should be accessible with ease.

• It must have low pricing.

• It must have live and recorded features.

Top Video Interview Tools


The most commonly used video interview tool across the world is VidCruiter. VidCruiter facilitates its users to enjoy smart solutions. VidCruiter is available for both live and recorded video sessions. VidCruiter also provides smart solutions. VidCruiter helps in making candidate assessments. VidCruiter is useful for application tracking, remote event hosting and remote interviews.


Video Interview Tool named MyInterview accelerates the hiring process by 60%. It is a built-in feature of algorithms. These algorithms scan and hunt for the collection of the right candidates. This resource provides a smart solution for shortlisting candidates among many applications. This tool is useful to conduct virtual interviews for the recruitment process as well. At the same time, this video communication tool can be used to join remote meetings.


Willo is another video interview tool that helps simplify the recruitment process. This video communication tool is used to conduct remote meetings. This video interview tool is helpful, as it is low in budget and meet tough timelines.


The study reflects that usage of SparkHire is about six thousand entities worldwide. This video interview tool is very helpful and efficient in the recruitment process. SparkHire promises its clients to improve the screening process five times more speedily. Individuals or entities may use this resource to organise their meetings or sessions.


XOR is among the top video interview tools. It comprises of the resources of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence helps make the screening process more efficient and effective. This resource is helpful for interviews, on-demand video conferences, meetings, and live sessions. This resource has an amazing feature to screen thousands of candidates.


Avature is another video interview resource. It helps its users conduct recorded, on-demand and live sessions. These sessions may be in the shape of interviews or meeting sessions. This video interview tool makes one-on-one sessions, group or panel meetings.


Brazen is the video interview tool. Several entities use this resource. It is a video communication tool which helps in conducting individual meetings group sessions and other large events.


Hireflix is a simple video interview tool. This video communication tool is only for one-way communication. It does not allow huge processing time. This one-way video communication tool may be useful for meetings.


HireVue is an Artificial Intelligence resource. HireVue is on the list of solid video communication platforms. These video communication tools add different products and offer effective services to its users. It provides resources for Artificial Intelligence. It is also equipped with key assessment tools. Key assessment tools help shortlist a huge number of applications. Adding more for live meeting sessions, this video communication resource is indeed helpful.


The specialisation of Interviewstream is video interviews. These video interviews include meetings, sessions and job interviews. This interview resource helps meet the needs and requirements of users. The sessions include both on-demand and live video sessions. Moreover, this tool is helpful in scheduling video communication sessions.


Recright is also equipped with the tools and techniques of video interviews. These tools include both live and recording video communication sessions. Moreover, Recright comprises of a unique tool ATS, which stands for Application Tracking System. The Application Tracking System helps Recright ensure a well-balanced meeting.


OutMatch is another video communication tool. This video communication tool is easy to use. This video communication tool can be linked and synchronised with Microsoft or Zoom. This tool helps conduct the video sessions or interviews and evaluation and feedback. Feedback is an essential part of effective communication.


Harver is a unique video communication tool. Psychologists often employ this tool, since they belong to the field of organisational and industrial psychology. Harver manages to perform all kinds of recruitment assessments. These filters shortlist the candidates. Moreover, it also helps in the final selection of the candidates. It is useful even after conducting in-depth interview assessments.


Computer-aided technologies have brought revolutionary changes and developments during the last three decades. One of the noticeable progress is the wide use of video interview tools. Organisations, entities and even individuals may save time and money with these resources. These tools can be more helpful if the people from distant areas easily become part of these meetings.

The video interview tools help employers process a huge number of applications efficiently. In this way, the recruitment process may get accelerated using video communication tools. Smart tools help shortlist candidates from the huge list. These resources include running algorithms or using Artificial intelligence resources. The video interview resources may help conduct live and recorded sessions. Resources are being used keeping in view the need and demand. Video interview resources prove to be user-friendly and cost-effective.


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