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Mohit Kumar & Utkarsh Kumar Sinha Emerging Social Media Specialist and PR Expert

Neyo Media & Zoid Media, Utkarsh Kumar Sinha & Mohit Kumar

By Neyo MediaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Neyo Media & Zoid Media, Utkarsh Kumar Sinha & Mohit Kumar

The word we use and the place we visit most in a day is SOCIAL MEDIA. No word of introduction is needed for Social Media. And social media is such an appreciable platform for almost everything we use or need to find worldwide from a very small scale region to a great wide range. Social media has the ultimate power of promoting anything which comes to its eyes. By this introducing 2 fine, well-knowledged, skilled & talented emerging Social Media Marketing Specialists and PR Experts Mr. Utkarsh Kumar Sinha (IG: utkarshsinha_), 19-year-old Gaya, Bihar based creator who is the founder of Neyo Media, IG - @neyomedia & Mr. Mohit Kumar (IG: mohit_gupta1869), 19-year-old Patna, Bihar based specialist of Social Media Marketing and PR Expert he has founded his company named Zoid Media, IG - @zoidmedia. These 2 self-made specialists have an extraordinary power to learn to succeed at such a young age. They run these 2 companies with great cooperation and teamwork.

Let's know about their work…

What's social media marketing basically, as the word suggests involves social media, all kinds of public platforms where people interact or socialize virtually and the popularity of social media allows it to become a great place for promotion and popularizing anything. But here it's a catch creating a promotional post, creating content, and writing a PR is not what everyone can do best but these 2 young creators put all their time to learn about it and develop the skill needed to produce great content for social media marketing. Before leading their own companies at such a young age they started working this way too earlier from now. They worked as a freelancer by learning the technicalities of marketing and PR.

Let's know their present working...

The beginning is always struggling and they gave their best to build a team of strong base and knowledge. They know what work should be done and what to take care of while working on marketing posts and creating content about any product or services which their clients are looking for. Their early experiences are helpful to them and to all clients who reach them. Every different client who reaches them has a different set of requirements for the promotion of their products & services and also for their PR posts. Dealing with a wide range of different sets of clients at such a young age helps them to understand clients' needs most appropriately or accurately. Obeying the client's needs and requirements they follow their principle too to provide the work on time with a great impression or full of impact on viewers.

While creating a PR post for any client they keep in mind the openness of that person towards others and the different views of clients. They create such a post that is full of information about the wide diversity of interests the person has.

Their priority is always their clients in any case whether they gave any project or after completion of the project. They have high-functioning minds full of enthusiasm and cooperation, which is the ultimate mantra for getting highly efficient and effective work completed before the final due date.

Their good working team works on their established principles, one of them is to have their early due date from the client's due date to complete the work way before the client's date with a post full of creativity.

To know more about them and their work or need to contact them do visit their profiles

Utkarsh Kumar Sinha IG: utkarshsinha_

Company IG — @neyomedia

Mohit Kumar IG: mohit_gupta1869

Company IG — @zoidmedia

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