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By Dre BrooksPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

My name is katluna . I was born in a beautiful island in the Caribbean. Born to teenage parents in The Dominican Republic. I grew up surrounded by trees and water and all types of animals . I came to the United States as a kid currently living in the dmv.

I was a happy child involved into church quire , dance competitions and dramatic plays. I always have had a passion for story telling and song writing. I love the process of writing a song. It’s a way to express inner thoughts. The way I can make words become the most beautiful healthiest way to express self love and inner strength is what I love the most.

Music has helped me heal in different ways. It has honestly helped me thru the toughest times.

As I got older I had to go thru many ups and downs therefore I made mistakes and learned from them . I learned the painful way the importance of solitude. I’m not a people pleaser anymore and I’m proud of what I’ve become so far and that makes me different then most people.

I see my self changing peoples reasoning by helping them heal from their past thru my songs . In five years I see my self being who I am everyday, proud of how far I’ve become. My music will be other people’s voice and I’ll be proud of that. I see my self surrounded by honest and loyal people that I share love and patience with. Having healthy relationships and working on bettering myself. I see my self making effective decisions that are leading to my success

Practicing gratitude everyday and teaching it to my child as always. I see my self more confident

open-minded to new opportunities.

I hope that In life I accomplish everything I set my mind to. I want to be the best mother to my child . I want to fall in love one day with the best person for me. I hope that I have more happy moments then sad and that I don’t be afraid to live and enjoy my life to the fullest.

I want to build an empire and help the unfortunate ones. Build a castle and make that a safe Heaven for orphans of all ages and race . I hope to reach my highest self and to love everything about who I am. I hope to be persistent despite obstacles. And to have learned to accept my limits, practice gratitude.

I hope that I take advantage of every opportunities that come my way and I hope to to live in my purpose and whatever comes next after that.

There’s so much I can bring to the industry as an Artist, song writer and influencer I know that I can help my fans express themselves candidly, by promoting self love spiritual awakening and personal growth thru my music. Hopefully I can help people expand their imagination thru my books and to have an open mind to different possibilities about life . I can influence people of all color and backgrounds to love themselves and to accept life the way it is, to think outside the box by encouraging them to challenge themselves to believe in themselves and to become what they want to become. Consequently I believe that I can be a positive influencer in the industry and make a positive impact.

Im a natural helper and I want to be remembered as a healer and a giver because I believe that is always better to give then it is to receive and giving people hope for better day is part of my purpose


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