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Interview with Europe_Au

by Chloe Gilholy 3 years ago in Creators · updated 11 months ago
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Getting to know the Wattpad authors

I'm an American University student who enjoys writing as a hobby. I mainly write romance, with a strong focus (at the moment) on werewolves. I strive to create content that isn't your typical Wattpad novel, and am open to all feedback, no matter how negative it is (just as long as it's constructive!). Besides writing, I like playing games such as Mass Effect, Prepar3D, Sims, Cities Skylines, Rainbow Six: Siege, Battlefield, HITMAN, and many more! I also dabble in streaming and video editing.

Chloe Gilholy: What made you become a writer?

Europe_Au: I wanted to become a writer because I was when I stumbled upon Wattpad fan fiction, back in 2012. That was my first realization that "Hey, I could actually do this for fun!" I already had a little experience with creative writing from some homework back in the third grade. And when I was about eight or nine, I dabbled a little in writing, but those pieces never got far. I always seemed to forget about them. It took a year or two before I actually began the writing process. God knows how cringey and cliche my first writings were, haha!

What brought you to Wattpad?

What brought me to Wattpad? Embarrassingly enough, it was YouTuber fan fiction. Back in 2012, Jordan Maron (CaptainSparklez) read a fan fiction about him. He only read like, two chapters or so. I wanted to finish the story, so I followed the Wattpad link that was in the description. And that's what hooked me. YouTuber fan fiction.

What is the latest project you’re working on?

The latest project? Well, my latest writing project is, well... officially, it's Longshot, my current gay werewolf-romance novel. Unofficially, my latest project is a book idea that I've started developing. No name yet, but I'm sure I'll find one later!

Have you ever been published outside of Wattpad?

No, I haven't been published outside of Wattpad. It might be a goal of mine in the future, but right now, I'm content with uploading on Wattpad.

What’s your greatest achievement as a writer?

My greatest achievement as a writer? Well, it'd most certainly would have to be actually finishing a book! In 2014, I started my own YouTuber fan-fiction, Rise and Fall. It's about 15 chapters long, and is, to date, the only book I've completed. Now, if you look at my profile, you'll see that you won't find it. That's because it's been taken down for re-writing that might (never) happen soon. ;)

What are your writing goals?

Ah, this question is difficult for me. Mostly because I have no actual writing goals. I only have two goals at the moment: finish Longshot, and to improve at my writing. I don't consider these complete writing goals, but they're the closest I have to a goal. :)

What’s your favourite thing about writing for Wattpad?

Honestly, it's making friends. This might be a strange answer, but it's true. If I hadn't started writing on Wattpad, I would've never met my current friend group: Hannah (@Juniperosie), Crim (@ACertainCrimsonFox), and Vain (@AzomuSbbin). And it's because of these three can I actively work on improving my writing and achieve my goal of finishing my novel. :)

What are your pet peeves about writing for Wattpad?

Definitely the lack of novel circulation. Wattpad, understandably, advertises extremely popular stories in a very obvious manner. It'd be nice if they re-implemented a way to expose users to new novels that they might like, novels that have little to no reads, or have been recently updated.

Aside from Wattpad, are there any other sites you’ve written for?

Yep! Tablo and RoyalRoad are the two I've posted Longshot on so far. Longshot used to be on Amazon's version of Wattpad, but alas, that website's been shutdown. :(

Where do you see your writing journey in five years?

Hopefully with a few more completed novels and improved writing xD In all seriousness, in five years, I hope to have Longshot finished, and to start on its sequel.

How would you feel about someone making fan-work based on your stories?

I'd feel honored! It's sort of a good feeling when someone loves your work so much that they want to try re-imaginging it. Obviously, if they try to monetize it, that's a different issue.

Which Wattpad books, that you’ve written do you feel best displays your writing talents?

Well, considering I only have one book up at the moment, I think that answer is self-explanatory haha! That book is Longshot.


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Chloe Gilholy

Healthcare worker from Oxfordshire. Author of ten books including Drinking Poetry and Game of Mass Destruction. Travelled to over 20 countries.

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