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Interview with Dr. Adam Tabriz  MD

Dr. Tabriz is a physician, healthcare consultant, entrepreneur, and prolific writer on multiple platforms.

By Dr Mehmet YildizPublished about a year ago 8 min read
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Dear Subscribers,

In this post, I'd like to share a recent interview that I conducted with Dr. ADAM TABRIZ, whom I have been following for several years. Dr. Tabriz is a top writer on health topics and has been contributing to my publications on Medium for a long time. I also invite Dr Tabriz to join Vocal Media as a writer and reader.

I have been reading every piece he publishes on Medium because he touches on critical points in health, healthcare, and digital transformation initiatives in these vital areas. His content is educative, and his research rigor in the medical field is beyond reproach.

Dr. Tabriz is a medical practitioner and thought leader in healthcare. Here's the brief interview transcription for your enjoyment and exploring his remarkable background.

Tell us a bit about your background, Dr. Tabriz.

I am a physician by training, a healthcare consultant and entrepreneur by profession, a writer by passion, and a personalized healthcare influencer by devotion.

During my clinical practice as a cosmetic surgeon and medical director, I had the privilege of building two surgery centers from the ground up.

Such an invaluable experience opened my eyes to the new world of personalized medicine, the reality of independent physician practice today, and the need for patient empowerment.

Why did you join Medium?

As a rising writer in 2017, I sought a platform to publicize my thoughts without prejudice.

Medium seemed to be an excellent place to share my opinion with like-minded readers and peer writers at the time.

What sets Medium apart from other platforms is the opportunity it offers to everyone from diverse backgrounds and opinions to converge, share their opinion, and get support.

What are your core values as a writer?

I firmly believe writing is a journey, not a destination. I regard an authentic author as constantly enduring for That perfect message that fits the moment and place.

I never fail to underscore the notion that there is always room for improvement in writing.

Those familiar with my work know that I deliver my unsurpassed job by researching, gathering, and writing on various medical and healthcare topics.

I likewise take contentment in touching on controversial issues of our lives and era in my works. And, now and then, I offer views that may or may not be cordial to every reader.

Nevertheless, I listen to everyone without prejudice, judge no one with bias, and believe in the Golden Rule.

To this end, my favorite slogan is:

"Peace of mind would come to all people through the universal respect for the basic human right of everyone."

How do you connect with Your readers?

I have had the privilege of writing for a few publications in the past.

Along with this, the utility of social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Flipboard, and Pinterest, has been valuable in connecting with readers from diverse backgrounds.

One publication that stood out for me is the ILLUMINATION publication on Medium.

ILLUMINATION and its sister publications, Technology Hits and Illumination-Curated, are my primary publication daises on Medium.

The mere reason is their professional leadership, the strategy of not judging their writers and motivating them towards excellence.

Other means of reaching testers for me include publishing on Newsbreak and my website.

What are three books affecting your Life?

I am a fan of poetry and philosophy that inspires a libertarian mindset.

A few books that I find intriguing include Masnavi by Rumi, The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Quotes by Mark Twain, and A Critique of Interventionism by Ludwig Von Mises.

I will close this question with a quote from each author:

"Tie two birds together. They will not be able to fly, even though they now have four wings." By Rumi

By the way, I enjoyed the translation of the Guest House of Rumi posted by Dr. Yildiz in this story titled Here's How Albert Found the Direct Path to Enlightening Moments and Improved His Mental Health.

"It is by the goodness of God that in our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, and the prudence never to practice either of them." By Mark Twain

"What generates war is the economic philosophy of nationalism: embargoes, trade, foreign exchange controls, monetary devaluation, etc. The philosophy of protectionism is a philosophy of war" Ludwig von Mises.

Tell us about your hobbies.

I like swimming, biking, and reading on highlights and sundry subjects from diverse resources of the day.

I often travel and work remotely.

I am based in San Francisco Bay area in the United States.

My wife and I have a second home in Alanya, Turkiye, by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. We spend a few months of the year enjoying the beach and the friendly Turkish hospitality.

Why did you join ILLUMINATION, and how did you find it so far?

Before joining ILLUMINATION, I was an editor of the Data-Driven Investor publication. While participating, I also used to come across pieces by Dr. Mehmet Yildiz, especially in Technology and Health domains.

His work and dedication became intriguing to me. Once I realized he, too, had created a publication, the ILLUMINATION, I was already inspired to join.

Since health and well-being topics are my passions, I also read and share stories of Dr. Yildiz, published on EUPHORIA, which is part of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on Medium.

Who are the writers you follow on ILLUMINATION?

I am pleased to follow several writers who contribute to the ILLUMINATION publication with their incredible works. Few writers I have the pleasure of the following include:

Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Stephen Dalton, Bill Abbate, Gayle Kurtzer-Meyers, Dr John Frederick Rose, Dr Michael Heng, Aiden (Illumination Gaming), and many more…

What are the top 10 article tags that you use?

The top ten tags I use also reflect the notions I uphold as an influencer.

These are Personalized Healthcare, Personalized Medicine, Precision Medicine, Healthcare, individual liberty, healthcare technology, medical practice, independent physician, cyber-physical human system, and collaboration.

Please introduce a few stories you want to share with your audience.

Out of hundreds of articles, I'd like to highlight three pieces.

The first article I would like to share is a most recent piece published by ILLUMINATION under the Title: "Next-Generation Digital Health Infrastructure."

The articles expand on the need for more robust and adaptive healthcare infrastructure and logistics if healthcare leaders intend to establish good health equity for everyone.

Next-Generation Digital Health Infrastructure: A Logistic System Of Creating Opportunity To Establish Health Equity -

My second-choice article is "Unraveling The Everyday Telehealth Challenges Should Start With Work Flow Simulation And Transparency."

This publication outlines the shortage of workflow continuity between remote and in-person clinic encounters. And emphasizes the significance of establishing a hybrid system of healthcare operations that more logically synchronizes virtual and in-person experiences.

Unraveling The Everyday Telehealth Challenges Should Start With Work Flow Simulation And…: Healthcare Is Moving Towards Digitalization, But We Can Still Sustain Human Touch Over The CyberSpace

Another recent publication of mine, "Health Equity: The Past, Now, And Future," shines a light on one of the most challenging and highlighted healthcare topics of our era, Health Equity.

Health Equity: The Past, Now, And Future: The Concept of Health Equity Is Not A Novel Vision, But To Access One, We Must Embrace A Novel Mission! -

Within the content, I have explored the reality of the past and present state of Health Equity. And where we are headed as a society regarding Health Equity. I have also extended my opinion on how we can conquer such a grim task.

Any recommendations for new writers contributing to ILLUMINATION?

Whether you are a professional author, a rising writer, or simply what to share your casual opinion and get feedback via short scripts, ILLUMINATION is your place. Editors are supportive, giving valuable feedback and publishing timely.

I believe in ILLUMINATION, not merely because it involves dedicated and open-minded leadership. The publication offers an unbiased, non-judgmental environment for every person from diverse industries and backgrounds to come together.

And, justly, the only limitation they have is zero tolerance for plagiarism. They open the doors to every ethical writer at any level.

I also like ILLUMINATION's policies on not censoring content yet not allowing harmful materials like hate speech, defamation, or discrimination against society.

I see this approach as a flawless balance for writers and readers on Medium. Thus, I enjoy reading authentic and valuable pieces from many writers of these publications.

How do you see your future as a writer?

Writing is a journey, and a writer will never attain ultimate perfection. And I will try my best to continue to do so!

Because every unpretentious author continually strives for that perfect message that fits the moment and place.

As Mark Twain quoted:

"Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words."

And that is what I will keep doing! 


Many thanks to Dr. ADAM TABRIZ for providing these insightful responses for aspiring writers and contributing to my publications. I hope you connect with him, explore his content, and follow his research and practice written in articulated language on Medium and Newsbreak.

Thank you for reading my perspectives. I wish you a healthy and happy life.

I share similar stories on EUPHORIA, which is my personal publication for health and well-being stories. The original version of this article was published on another platform.

If you enjoy writing and storytelling, you can join Vocal as a creator to find your voice, reach out to a broad audience, and monetize your content. I also write on Medium and NewsBreak.

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