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Female Pattern Hair Loss – What Is It And How To Tackle It

Many women suffer from thinning of hair and less than 42% women have problem free head. Therefore since this percentage is quite less, the basic reason can be examined behind this. If a woman is facing similar problems, they may want to know why this happens.

By SurajPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
Female Pattern Hair Loss – What Is It And How To Tackle It
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Some reasons are quite known whereas others may require a thorough medical examination. There are however, various treatments but the causes that lead to this are several.

Treating Female Pattern Hair Loss:

A. The Causes Behind Female Pattern Hair Loss:

Breakage of shafts can be a reason behind this. The main factor that leads to this is commonly known by many people which is the over usage of styling products. Often it is not only the heat from equipments but the lotions or the sprays that a person uses on a regular basis which can lead to this. This is because these are usually loaded with sodium sulphate and other peroxides which can make the sections frizzed. Therefore these can be prone to easily breaking.

Inflammation due to fungal causes can also be a reason behind this.

Hormonal imbalances at menopause or any type of medication can be factors behind this as well.

Certain laser therapies, chemotherapy and auto immune diseases can also be responsible for this like Alopecia Areata.

In some cases sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis can be a factor behind this problem.

B. Symptoms of Female Pattern Hair Loss:

It occurs usually at the top and also at the. A woman can also notice more shafts falling off during bathing or combing.

A person can at the same time get affected by skin infections and acne. There also may be sudden fungal infections.

This can be seen with abnormal menstrual cycle which can also be a symptom that a person is facing some hormonal imbalances.

There may be unusual enlargement of the female glands or pubic organs. Sometimes the lower regions of the body can have uneven growth of hair.

C. Diagnosis:

There are various speciality clinics these days which can do a complete biopsy and microscopic. This can show if there are any fungal infections.

Apart from this there may be other tests which can be done by medical doctor to know if there are any internal problems or if this is external. Thyroid and other hormonal tests with a medical history examination can be done.

D. Recommended Treatments:

There are various types of methods that are popularly available to treat these types of problems. There may be some topical recommendations which are like the usage of topical solutions. These are often effective and are available in various concentrations.

These should however be continued and also cost effective. If these are discontinued, the person will lose the new strands. Therefore if a person follows this, this should be talked out with the doctor. If the reason behind this is not due to any form of severe reason, then this should not be tried out.

There may be certain supplements which can be helpful like Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin B 6, Omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients like trace minerals and selenium which can be helpful to treat the hair loss problem. These should however be taken in proper dosages because excess in the system leads to deposition of toxins.

There may be some non surgical remedies which can be like weaving and these are temporary and last for few months when these are done from good clinics. If in case your hair loss caused to baldness, then better to go for hair transplant.


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