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Clarify Strategies: Access & Import Lots of VCF Files into Excel Sheet

This enables the export of up to ten contact files in Excel CSV format for each user.

By OliviaMartinPublished about a month ago 3 min read

Several people in the office frequently require access to the same documents in today's collaborative work environment. You can share the spreadsheet if you use Microsoft Excel, but only one person can make changes to the data at once. Data collection and organization are two of its most basic functions.

Data can be simply organized into tidy rows and columns and then categorized according to the kind of data. The program's capabilities enable users to make presentations, evaluate the data therein, and insert the data into pie charts or tables for easy opening and interpretation—even though seeing massive data sets in their natural condition can be daunting.

Techniques for Taking in Several VCF Files into Excel

First solution: Launch VCF in Excel.

Take the following actions:

  • In the upper left corner, select the File tab, and then click Open.
  • To access all files, click the drop-down menu located in the window's lower-right corner. After you've chosen every vCard file you wish to import into Excel, double-click the file.
  • Next will appear after selecting Define at the top of the window.
  • In the window's Delimiters section, choose the Tab option, and then select Next.
  • Make sure the semicolon, tab, and other choices are chosen in step 2.
  • In the box next to the Other field, type a colon (:).
  • Make sure you are happy by adding or removing separators by checking the preview.
  • To proceed, click next.

Generally, the final step is not necessary unless you wish to modify a column's data format. Now is the time to eliminate any columns that are not required.

  • Select "Finish" to view the outcomes.
  • Typically, the final step is not necessary unless you wish to modify a column's data format. At this point, you can remove any unused columns.
  • Select "Finish" to view the outcomes.
  • You will see the VCF data on the spreadsheet after choosing the Finish option.

Open Excel and import VCF.

Additionally, you can move any VCF vCard file into an already-existing workbook to import it. The Data tab of the ribbon contains import tools.

Solution 2: Open Outlook and move the VCF Contacts file to Excel.

  • Click the "File" option after opening your Microsoft Outlook account.
  • To open the Import/Export Wizard, click now.
  • After choosing Import a vCard file, press Next.
  • The Outlook contact wizard now displays your vCard file. Click the Next tab after opening it.
  • Next, choose the folder called Contacts. After that, select "Next."
  • The user can now store the CSV file in the location of their choice. The user can touch the Browse button and select Next to adjust his location.

Method 3: Utilizing Contacts from the Window Address Book (WAB)

You can use the Windows Address Book to save an orphaned vCard file by utilizing the following method:

  • Go to the directory where your vCard file is kept.
  • If your VCF file is missing, use Win+R to open your contact folder.
  • In the navigation wizard, choose Export.
  • Choose values separated by commas. and decide on a location.

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We understand your wants if you belong to such a category and would like to test the tool's functionality before making a purchase. You can use it right now to get a feel for how the program operates. Plus, it's free. Click the green button below to launch a free software demo. This enables the export of up to ten contact files in Excel CSV format for each user. Update your license key to convert an unlimited number of VCF files to Excel CSV format.

Acquiring the last concepts

Users could find the most effective methods for converting VCF contacts to Excel in this article without any problems. The DataVare Address Book Manager Tool is user-friendly and allows for the unrestricted import of many VCF contacts into Excel without worrying about data size. Users can Access & Import Lots of VCF Files into an Excel Sheet.

However, converting VCF contacts to an Excel sheet via the manual technique is free of charge but requires a significant amount of time. Some users are not technical enough to use this strategy. To view further features, use the application's free demo version.

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