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And I met him in 1922 by Author Vishaka.D

Vishaka.D Author of Gyanvriksha Publication

By Gyanvriksha PublicationsPublished about a month ago 3 min read

In a world where everyone sees beauty differently and every object has a story, She shines as someone who truly believes in the magic of life’s tales. Her life story is all about being strong and never giving up on her dreams.

From a young age, Vishaka set out on a journey beyond her family, driven by courage and big dreams. At just 17, she started working while also completing her studies, never letting obstacles get in her way. She worked hard to finish her studies, never giving up even when things got tough.

Supported by her loving friends, she has always believed in seizing the moment. She didn’t wait for the perfect time to chase her dreams, knowing that sometimes you have to take chances when they come your way.

Understanding that life is short and full of experiences, Vishaka wrote her most important work, “And I Met Him in 1922.” published by Gyanvriksha Publication. This beautiful poem tells a story of love and loss, capturing the ups and downs of relationships. Through her words, she shows how even in the simplest moments, we can find happiness, and how painful it is to lose love.

In “And I Met Him in 1922,” Vishaka takes readers on an emotional journey, exploring what it means to be human and how love can change everything. Each line of her poem speaks to the heart, offering comfort to those who have felt the highs and lows of love.

In “And I Met Him in 1922,” Vishaka takes readers on an emotional journey, exploring what it means to be human and how love can change everything. Each line of her poem speaks to the heart, offering comfort to those who have felt the highs and lows of love.

Vishaka's evocative language and vivid imagery paint a rich tapestry of emotions, capturing the essence of human experience with profound sensitivity. Her words resonate deeply, reflecting the universal themes of love, loss, and hope. The poem’s nostalgic tone transports readers to a bygone era, evoking a sense of timelessness and the enduring nature of true love.

Through her poignant storytelling, Vishaka delves into the transformative power of love, illustrating how it can uplift and shatter, heal and wound. Her exploration of love's complexities highlights the beauty and pain intertwined in human relationships. Each stanza unfolds a new layer of emotional depth, inviting readers to reflect on their own experiences and the impact of love on their lives.

The poem’s structure and rhythm further enhance its emotional impact, with each carefully chosen word contributing to the overall sense of intimacy and connection. Vishaka’s ability to convey such a wide range of emotions in a few lines is a testament to her skill as a poet, making “And I Met Him in 1922” a powerful and moving work that speaks to the heart of what it means to be human.

For Vishaka, life is like a blank canvas waiting to be filled with experiences and emotions. Through her poetry, she reminds us that every moment is special and every person has a story worth telling.

Let's forget everything and meet again,

Where neither you know me nor do I know you,

Let's start anew…..

The time when you used to ask me my name, And I used to inquire about your well-being……..The time when you touched me for the first time,

The time when we conversed by looking into each other's eyes…….

The time when we listened to each other's words all night long,

The time when we yearned to talk to each other,

The time when we longed to be in each other's arms……And from your mouth those words, "Oh no, she's started again"

The time when before feeling each other……There was no need to think,

Just take me to that world,

Just be with me,Take me along with you,Into a new world,

I miss you so much.

If only we had never met..Or if only we had never been apart,

Let's start anew?

Maybe in some other world...

Just a short message from her :

“Look, if you truly want happiness in life, learn to be happy with what you have. If you can’t find happiness for yourself, try serving animals. I know some people might not agree with this, but trust me, try it once. Those animals aren’t selfish like humans; they don’t want anything from us except our company. Just feed them once, and you’ll see that whenever you’re around, they’ll leave everything behind to be with you. Just try loving them once, making them yours.

You’ll never need anyone else.”


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