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An Interview with Maskedparkers

by Chloe Gilholy 3 years ago in Creators
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English and American Literature GraduateFeatured on Wattpad Fright, Fanfic, Mystery, Superheroes, Crime, Paranormal, Undiscovered, WattVampires and WattZombie. Writer of the macabre, mysterious, thrilling, paranormal, and tragic.A fan of diversity, female characters, characters of color, and anti-heroes.—Maskedparkers

Chloe Gilholy: What made you become a writer?

Maskedparkers: I became a writer because I was so disappointed with the way my favorite show was going, and I decided to write a story about how it should have been.

What brought you to Wattpad? My friend at the time told me about this website, and I decided to try it out.

What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working on two projects. One is a Spiderman fanfic and the other is an original werewolf story.

Have you ever been published outside of Wattpad? Yes, in my high school's literary anthology.

What’s your greatest achievement as a writer? I would say being a Mystery/Thriller contest winner for the official Wattpad Mystery profile.

What are your writing goals? I hope to one day become a published author, win a Watty, and be Featured on Wattpad.

What’s your favourite thing about writing for Wattpad? I really love how supportive the staff and community is. It makes me feel like they really care about writers and want to ensure they succeed.

What’s your pet peeves about writing for Wattpad?

I feel like it's pretty hard to be noticed by HQ. I wouldn't say it's unfair because they do recognize smaller authors and stories, but it is very competitive.

Aside from Wattpad, are there any other sites you’ve written for?

I'm on and Archive of Our Own.

10. Where do you see your writing journey in five years?

To be honest, after this year I am going to step away from writing. I will be entering graduate school, so I doubt I will have time for writing.

How would you feel about someone making fanwork based on your stories?

As long as they weren't making smut, I would love to see some fanworks! I think that's one of the highest compliments a writer could receive. It shows that fans love your work so much that they are taking the time to write something about it.

Which Wattpad books, that you’ve written do you feel best displays your writing talents? I thinkDemon of the Nighthas the best storytelling while Desideriumhas the best prose.

Thank you so much for taking part in my interview. I wish you the best of luck in your writing journey!


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Chloe Gilholy

Healthcare worker from Oxfordshire. Author of ten books including Drinking Poetry and Game of Mass Destruction. Travelled to over 20 countries.

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