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An Interview With Chloe Panta, Editor-In-Chief at North of Bleu

by Angela Rose 2 months ago in Authors · updated 2 months ago
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The talented author and blogger gives details pertaining to her enlightening content and what keeps her driven to manage the blog that’s been featured in Vogue, Style Me Pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings, and The Knot!

Chloe Panta, author and editor-in-chief at North of Bleu

For those searching for an online destination that offers inspirational content on lifestyle, travel, food, home décor and wellness experiences, look no further than North of Bleu. The blog website was created in November of 2021 by Chloe Panta, editor-in-chief and author, to document her travel and lifestyle journeys as well as showcase photos of her work, all of which are taken by Panta herself. While garnering content for NoB during her travels around the world with her husband, who pilots the two in their private, small plane, Panta gains unique insights on style, recipes and tips on better living that she hopes will inspire the modern, millennial woman.

“I started North of Bleu because I had just finished my romantic comedy manuscript and I wanted to start another creative project,” said Panta. “I wanted to create an outlet where I could document my creativity and my lifestyle, like a personal diary I could share with other like-minded women.” Being a lover of writing, this isn’t Panta’s first time blogging, and her novel is currently being reviewed by an agent and is seeking representation from a publisher. Previous interviews with Panta have been published on online media outlets, including Medium, Thrive Global, Runner’s World, VoyageLA, ShoutoutSoCal and SDVoyager. With NoB, one of her goals was to create an escape space for women who are inspired by lifestyle content and for those who can be influenced to create or enhance a beautiful life for themselves.

All of Panta’s photography featured on NoB captures her mood at the different locations in which her travels lead her to. Some photos can be more intimate, as described by Panta, while others she explains to be confident, intriguing and mysterious. Many of the serene landscapes in these images are some of Panta’s favorite spots around the state of California, like Carmel-by-the-Sea, Big Sur and Monterey, just to name a few.

“I love these places because they are surrounded by natural beauty. I love the sounds of the waves crashing onto the rock formations and the serenity of it all,” the content creator shared. “When I think of a weekend escape, I think of someplace cloudy, moody and by the ocean surrounded by mountains. I love the calmness each place brings as well; I think that’s why I love these places so much.”

Chloe Panta of North of Bleu

In the earlier stages of dating her husband, Panta gifted him a session with Discovery Flight for Valentine’s Day, which is a plane ride alongside a pilot instructor who teaches passengers the step-by-step procedure of how to safely man an aircraft. Having fallen in love with flying, he soon after received his private pilot’s license. “My plan all along was to get my husband to fly me around the world and my plan succeeded. I couldn’t be happier I convinced him,” she said. Panta rides as co-pilot, completing small tasks and assisting her husband when needed, but notes that he’s the brain behind the plane.

More articles will be coming to NoB soon, and until then, readers can support Panta and her team at NoB by simply reading and interacting with the content, something that Panta shares lights her up. There is also an option to sign up for the emailing list at the bottom of the website’s homepage to be notified when a new, uplifting blog post appears. “I hope that the content we create can inspire someone to find a new dress or to try a new recipe. I love inspiring others and helping others. This is my way of giving back,” she said.

Chloe Panta of North of Bleu

Working from home has its perks, but to stay driven, motivated, and organized can often take a great deal of effort. Prior to taking her first steps into a creative career like blogging, Panta worked in corporate America, and shares that the most impactful thing she learned in that work space was the SMART goals, which is an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. Having an agenda at her side as she blogs much like she would have if she were in an office setting helps to keep her ticking tasks off her to-do list, reminding her that what she does is real. “I think that has really changed my life. Before, I used to be so disorganized and my ideas and tasks would live in my head instead of in my agenda,” said Panta. “Once I was able to map out goals and knew how to achieve them, it made a huge difference for me in my personal life and in my professional life,” she added.

In addition, SMART goals helped Panta complete her novel, which took a total of three years to write due to the fact that she wasn’t utilizing an agenda for a majority of that time. After incorporating her goals, Panta was self-motivated enough to finish the remaining half of her book within three months. Going forward, her goals for the year of 2022 remain set on gaining more readers for NoB, creating more content and enjoying her life to the fullest.

Chloe Panta of North of Bleu

While offering advice to anyone interested in blogging or starting a blog, Panta believes in letting others know they should always go for it and chase their dreams. Having clear, attainable goals outlined and setting milestones also assists in any successful blog endeavor, notes Panta, no matter if the operation is for a hobby or someone looking to replace income with a monetized blog. Set and achieve goals one step at a time, and Panta recommends that if someone’s goal was to earn $500 per month blogging, perhaps they could incorporate offering other services on it, such as coaching, social media management, writing for other bloggers or writing sponsored posts for various brands.

She also shares that it's ideal to ensure that blog posts rank in the search engines to boost readership by utilizing search engine optimization, commonly referred to as SEO, which may take some learning getting into, but proper keyword research can help to improve the amount of traffic visiting the website. Pinning blogs to Pinterest, however, requires minimal research and is free, with Panta noting that many bloggers start their careers as creators while taking advantage of Pinterest. “I would also say that it is not unreasonable to want to make a career out of blogging. Do your research, study successful bloggers, learn from them and master Pinterest. If you do those three things, you’re bound to become successful,” added Panta.

Chloe Panta of North of Bleu

The name North of Bleu is literal, and the content is curated towards inspiring women to be happy, or north of feeling blue. Between the warm and cool accents of color and calming imagery featured on the NoB site, internet users are bound to feel a sense of peace just by scrolling about the pages. There’s plenty to explore on her blog, but there is one message from Panta that she hopes will reach the masses someday.

“I would like to let every woman know that she is beautiful, no matter her age, height, or weight. Self-love is of the utmost importance to live a full and beautiful life, and self-confidence is what it takes to achieve any goal in this world, no matter how big or small,” she stated. “As long as you believe something is true for you and that you deserve the life you want to live, it’s already yours.”

Chloe Panta of North of Bleu


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