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Yellow Clues

by Kyra Lopez 2 months ago in monster

The barn, the notes, and what happened to me in the end.

Art by: Kyra Lopez

The oak of the old barn slightly breathed out as the sunset faded into a windy fall night. It was cold, and a chill crept through my windbreaker even after the workout I just managed to knockout. What was odd, however, was seeing a few pieces of yellowish paper sticking out from the slits in the barn's crumpled wood. Their placement caught my immediate attention.

Clue #1: I have traveled far.

I crumpled up the first piece of paper after reading this, wondering what kind of stupid game was being played by this neighborhood's own little boogers (aka children). No one was around the abandoned barn or field at the moment though, and no policeman would bother looking into this bizarre message left for the reader to decipher.

But to explain this from the beginning: I wasn't looking for trouble. Like always, I was out on my nightly run.

Tonight was only different because I decided to take a detour through the openness of the country roads that lied on the outskirts of town. I lived with my grandma, and dyed my hair a deep blue to her dismay. Since my parents were gone, there was nothing much left for me to do as a 19 year old besides run or rebel. I didn't like it much here, and I always wished I was back in New York in our old apartment. For whatever reason, the universe decided to teach me a lesson and throw me out here.

After 10 minutes of running, I took a much needed break here. With a quick gulp of water from the black canteen I found in my dad's closet, I continued on. I had nothing better to do, so I went back to exploring the perimeter for the scattered notes.

Clue #2: I am coming soon.

This sentence was made in black, jagged handwriting. It looked as though the pen's own ink was scared of the writer, creeping away from the hand as much as it could've.

Who is coming?

I thought about potential serial killers on the loose, or an ex-convict from the nearby prison. Someone may have escaped, left these notes, and was waiting for the next idiot to get themselves wrapped up in some real life game of clue.

I guess I'm the idiot.

But those unpleasantries didn't kill my curiosity, so I walked to pick up the remaining two notes I saw. The wind began to pick up again, as I heard the dead leaves battering against each other in the distant piles beneath the trees. October was either one way or the other when it came to the weather. We either had a hot and sticky fall, or conditions close to an ice-age.

With heightened annoyance, I reached for the third paper with the same yellow tint. It was old looking, yet still freshly placed.

Clue #3: I am close.

I scoffed.

Yeah, and so am I. At least, closer in figuring out what some weirdo left behind.

I crumpled another one of the notes, letting my running shoes stomp on the various mushrooms scattered around the old barn's structure.

What does this person even mean?

God, I hate when people try to be edgy for a prank. This whole thing is pathetic, honestly. Yet, here I am still walking toward the last piece of paper that I noticed sticking out of the barn's back wall.

Clue #4: Can you see me?

Can I see who?

"I can't see anyone," I mumbled.

"What about me?"

A large serpentine figure emerged from the barn's roof, circling around until I could see the monstrous scales in full view. Its yellow eyes were a stark contrast to its deathly black exterior, with large fangs protruding from its slender mouth. I saw it move down until it was only inches away from my face.

I smiled.

"Didn't think you'd be here." I said, never breaking eye contact.

"I thought you would attract others here." It hissed.

"Nice notes. Should have known it was you."


"I'll try to bring others here. Just like my parents."

"Of course."

I put in my headphones again, and began to run.


Kyra Lopez

Mexican Mujer-College Student-Neurodivergent Writer-

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Kyra Lopez
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