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We saw a Real Ghost and we are not joking.

Many people ghosts aren't real and are just myths, however, we thought the same thing until it happened to us

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
We saw a Real Ghost and we are not joking.
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It was back in 2012, and I was staying in a flat temporarily while I finished some work I was doing for myself. I had never come face to face with a ghost up to that point, and like many, I didn't believe they existed. I had been working all morning, and I was tired, so I took myself off to bed around ten p.m. which was unusual for me, as I usually stay up pretty late. I had a bath, watched television and went to bed. I would have slept well, except there was a very faint blue shimmer in my room by my dressing table, and I couldn't work out what it was. There was a high attic window in my room, so I assumed it was just light shining through that as I didn't have curtains. That night I went to sleep, but I was woken around 11.3o p.m. by a bright light around my bed. I froze startled! I could just make out the silhouette of a young woman wearing black, who appeared to hold a white scroll or notebook in her hand. She came right to the side of my bed and leaned over me holding the scroll or notebook in front of me. I put it down to a bad dream, but I was unable to move or speak for ten minutes. In a cold sweat and shaking, I waited for it to pass, then I turned the light on and made a drink before going back to bed. This time, I didn't sleep for a while, and the same thing happened again! the same silhouette with the scroll or notebook was right by my bed!

I realized that something was strange about this. I knew I wasn't dreaming because I had my eyes open and I was alert. I headed downstairs to see if my two friends who were living in the room below me had noticed anything strange. They told me that they had seen similar things in their room, and all over the building. My female friend spoke of a man on a bike who always appeared on the ledges above the staircase at midnight. I didn't know whether to believe her or not, as I really did not believe in ghosts. I do write about ghosts and I watch many tv shows about vampire folklore and ghosts but I always believed they were made up myths, and I thought that my friend was dramatizing things to scare me. I decided to keep what she had said in mind though, while I tried to figure out what was going on.

The next night my husband and friends slept over. I had no work the next day, so I decided we were going to have a buffy night. My friends slept in the lounge, while myself and my husband slept in the bedroom. I had not told my husband about the recent events because I thought he might think that we were all crazy. However, that same night, the same thing happened, only this time my husband had also seen the silhouette as it had also come over to his side of the bed. I asked him to describe it, and I was shocked when he described the exact silhouette that was bugging me. We had locked the doors so nobody could get in, and my friends were sleeping in the lounge. When I turned the light on, my husband looked scared so I made him a drink and we talked about it. Now, I don't know if this was a coincidence but texts were being sent to my phone with the words 'help me,' though there was no number to show where they had come from. We ignored it, but we had to turn the phone off because they kept coming. Even after we turned the phone off, we still got these texts and we had no idea how that was happening. They stopped after twenty minutes and we slept.

About ten minutes after we settled, my female friend woke us up. She was pale and shaking at the door. She had heard a voice in the lounge asking her to help her, and she thought she had seen a ghost. She was scared to go back to sleep, so we all sat in the lounge chatting and drinking coffee, as none of us could go back to sleep after that. We were sat in the lounge with the lights off, though I had a small vase with flower lamps in it which were switched on. We were all chatting happily and watching television when suddenly my vase shattered for no reason and with no cause. We were all feeling weird about this now, if one thing could confirm that this was a haunting, that did. I was shocked, and I felt I needed to know more.

The next day I headed to the letting agent who gave me a history of what had happened in that building.

I was told that a young girl had died in a fire in the attic flat where I was sleeping. The flames had come through the floor and she had been trapped there and had died there.

This explained a lot because every time that silhouette appeared, the flat would smell of fire. There was more to this story. There had been several incidents in that building in the past from murders to suicides and repeated fires, this explains the other sightings I was told about. I can honestly say that now, both I and my husband firmly believe in ghosts.

People never believe what they can't see. Sometimes seeing is believing.

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