Watcher Chapter 3

by Sabal Gallo 2 years ago in fiction

Unsettling Vacation

Watcher Chapter 3

The very next day Adley sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes sleepily. Her dreams were unbearable but she managed to sleep as much as she can. Stretching, she slid out of bed and slipped on her pink fuzzy slippers. The air felt a bit thick, as if someone was watching her. Perhaps misfortunes didn't happen in the day light. Maybe she was safe?

"Adley, breakfast is ready and getting cold," her father called from downstairs.

She groaned and walked out of her room, the eerie feeling following her. Everything in the house seemed eerie today. Looking out the bay window, Adley noticed even the sky looked eerie.

"Does the sky look a bit gloomy today?" Adley asked both her parents.

Her mother looked out the window and nodded. "Maybe a little. But your father and I were planning on walking the dock today. Care to join us?"

Anything beat staying alone in this house, Adley thought to herself. She nodded as she sipped her chocolate milk and nibbled on some toast.

"Sure would. That dock has had my curiosity ever since we've arrived," Adley said staring at the creepy overcast of clouds rolling in. "Is it supposed to rain?"

Dad pulled out his phone. "Not supposed to."

Just then the lights flickered causing everyone to groan in annoyance. Nothing could possibly make this day worse than it had started out to be. No crazy weather or power outage was going to ruin this family vacation, according to Adley's dad.

"Don't panic," her dad said, raising a hand. "No power outage is going to ruin this family vacation! Not while I'm around."

Adley couldn't help but giggle at her father's heroic attitude. Even though sometimes she disliked him, he could be quite funny at times.

"Well, hurry up and eat, Adley," her mother instructed. "So you can get dressed and we can start heading down to the dock."

Adley nodded and ate quickly and went to her room. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't shake this strange feeling that they weren't supposed to be there. Perhaps searching the historical facts of the house would help ease her troubled mind. Or perhaps only make matters worse. She sighed and hurried with getting ready and was soon downstairs with her parents.

"Alright, let's head on out!" her dad said loudly with enthusiasm.

The walk was a bit annoying to Adley's mother. All she ever did was complain on how steep the stairs leading to the dock was. Nearly almost slipping twice, Adley had nothing to say other than let's keep going or we're almost there.

Once they were finally at the bottom, they noticed how unsteady the dock was. Dad advised they not move and let him go to check things out first.

Just then, Adley's fears became nightmares. She saw something out of the corner of her eye crawl under the dock where her father was walking.

"Dad, come back! Something went under the dock!" Adley called out, a hint of fear in her voice.

Her mother shushed her so her father could concentrate on not falling. But it didn't really matter if she was quiet or not. Not soon after Adley's warning call, the dock made a loud cracking noise and gave way, causing Adley's father to plummet into the choppy rough water.

"Dad!" Adley cried out.

Her mother stood there in shock as Adley made her way carefully to the scene. Her father was nowhere in sight.

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