Veronica's Venom

by Ember Joy 2 years ago in fiction

Her Revenge

Veronica's Venom

I watched her on the bench, quietly reading her book as she pushes her red hair out of the way. She likes horses. That’s one of the things I hated most about her. I wanted to rip those freckles out and feed her to her precious horse. The breeze was calming, quiet, and cold.

I wonder if her cold heart could feel it, or if she was too busy thinking of more dark things to do. The clock struck three in the afternoon, and her phone went off. She looked down at the screen and the ugly smile wiped off her face. I knew what the text was; it was a warning.

“I’m watching you, Veronica,” I said to myself, sending the text again. I want nothing more than to see the sweet fear in her eyes, hear her teeth chattering, and feel her last breath in my hands.

“I wonder how it will happen.” I chuckle to myself, not knowing how long I could wait. I had to leave or else I could be caught. But I can’t leave without sending one more text. “I’m coming for you; I just don’t know when.” Sending the message, I turn my back and licked my fingers, thinking of what it would be like, feeling her heartbeat against my fingertips.

I would suck the breath from her. I chuckle to myself, tugging my jacket to protect me from the cold air.


The night was cold, but I was inside drinking my hot chocolate. Sitting at my computer, I pulled up a certain screen; it was a surveillance screen. I saw her; my goal, the one person who I wanted to destroy.

“I’m watching you. I’m always watching.” I giggle to myself, scratching my brown hair. I saw her washing her hair in the shower; I wanted to rip the hair out of her fat head. Rip her skin off to make my own coat with.

“How shall I do it? When shall I do it?” I yawn, taking a bottle of wine and sipping the tasty berry. “I better call it.” I give a little smirk before putting the glass down, taking off my robe to reveal a long sleeve shirt and a pair of leggings.

“Time to do what I have to do,” I say to myself, putting my hair in a ski mask. I put on a pair of leather gloves and grabbed my backpack. I don’t feel any guilt; regret; nothing, and I liked it. Taking one last sip of wine, I go out.


I come up to a white house; it was a normal house, quiet with a set of kids' bikes in the front of the house. I tilted my head to the side before driving off to a different street. After a while, I made it to the house I had to be at, the house I needed. I got out of my car, my backpack in my hand as I prepare for the hell that was about to come; to her, that is.

I walk up to the door, looking at the alarm code on the door before a smirk came to her face. “1-6-4-8-3-9-2-5-7” I call out as I hit the button with my gloved knuckles. It pinged and the door unlocked like it should.

The door creaked as I opened it, looking to see it was an old-fashion house. After closing the door, I set the alarm again and went to the kitchen. The first thing I saw was a hunter’s knife, and a grin formed on my face.

“This is perfect.” With that, I head up the stairs, dragging the blade across the cheap wallpaper, making it peel away from the wall. I arrived at the first door, and I quietly turned the doorknob, the door creaking open lightly. Opening my bag, I took out a brown bottle, dumping some of the contents onto a rag.

“Night night, V.” I smirk, putting the cloth over the redhead’s mouth. She struggles vigorously against my hand, trying to save her from what she knew would come. Once her body became limp, I take out a long string of purple rope. I smirk, trailing the rope along her skin. I pulled off my ski mask, my long brown hair cascading down my back.

“Don’t worry Veronica. Lucy’s here.” I smile and lean down, licking her skin.


Once Veronica woke up; she was in shock to see a gag on her mouth, her wrist and ankles tied to the bed.

“Oh, my darling. You think you can escape that easily?” I take a sip of vodka, making the redhead even more scared.

“Yeah; I have alcohol. Not like that’s gonna help you.” Trying to get away, the redhead shed a tear. “Don’t worry darling; you’re not the first.” I took out a white scrapbook. “The first was Timothy. Do you remember him from school?” Veronica was nodding her head.

“He was a bastard. Kept telling me lies, breaking my heart. So I took his teeth,” I started, seeing Veronica shake in fear. “His tongue and his heart.” She tries to scream, but I only took another swig of vodka. “Then there was Kelly and Harriet. Two girls who I thought were my friends, and then they decide to leave for Australia?” I chuckle and show the next picture.

“I took off their legs so they couldn’t leave me.” Veronica was crying her eyes out. “You’ve been bullying me from day one. You said you hate me,” I growl. “I’m gonna show you hate.” I smack her across the face and stand up; grabbing my bag. “I bet once you’re gone, your precious horses will be sold for glue.” She cried out for help, but I place my blade against her throat; making her silent.

I saw the fear in her eyes, her teeth chattering under the gag. I press my fingers against her throat, feeling her heart beat against my fingers. “I can feel it… Your fear. Tell me how scared you are.” The tears trailed down her eyes before I rip her shirt open. I trail my fingers up her stomach; feeling her goose bumps and it makes me smile.

"The way you made me feel, I felt like I was suffocating in loneliness, and I felt drained.” With a moment of quiet, it was shattered as I drove my blade into her thigh. She screams in agony as my fingers become stained with her blood. The screams were quieter because of the gag.

“Oh, darling… Don’t waste your breath.” I lick up the blood on my fingertips. “Mmmmm. Like revenge.” The redhead was scared. “No; like something I deserve.” I pull the knife out and jam it in again, another scream.


It was around 3 AM. Veronica was still alive. “Oh darling…” I poured the rest of the vodka on the bed she was tied to.

“Now here is what I want…” I took off my black gloves and crawled up her body. “To eat your last breath.” I wrapped my fingers around her throat, feeling the heartbeat, the breath in her throat.

“Goodbye.” Tightening my fingers around her neck, the heartbeat became stronger. Her body twitched as I tightened my fingers. The tighter I squeezed, the more she cried for mercy. I felt the breath escape her, the life escape her. The clock ticked, echoing against the walls. Second after second, minute after minute.

Finally after four minutes of smooth strangulation; her body became limp, eyes glazed over. I stood up, looking into the lifeless bodies eyes. A shiver went down my back as I smiled brightly. I reach into my backpack before looking back at her.

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