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Vampire's Daughter

Vampire's Daughter

By Toshon chakmaPublished about a month ago 3 min read

At a bar in Tokyo, Japan, a youthful tanked lady is polishing off a large number of beverages, paying attention to nobody.

His senior sister, Zafreen, is likewise incapable of keeping him down. He can't avoid liquor.

since his life has become damnation. The individual he cherishes has undermined him.

Zarin, and how much wine will you drink?

Stop, sister, who goes where he goes? We have nothing to say. How about you get it?

I told you before to present yourself, yet you didn't tune in, and today he is no more. (Jaffrin)

You, I can't handle it.

Knowing my character, individuals' affection is this way... (Zarin).

Zarin, go home. I must be hauled now, oh no, what did I do due to the sister, unfortunately, this Zarin!!

I see a young lady who is tipsy and swoons. Unfortunately, she doesn't cry.

Call Sauhardya; if not, I can't take Zareen alone. Zafreen)

Hi, dear, where are you? Come quickly, Zarin ma'am, who would it be a good idea for you to take?

Generally, your blood Creator, Sheik Preeti I will drink it.

So come ahead of schedule with the vehicle.

Indeed, Ma'am, I'm coming.

(cut the call) I need to take care of their responsibilities today on account of cash; if not, I would have taken off.

__Ma'am come??(Friendship)

Come, I'm sitting in the vehicle conveying Zareen.

Indeed, mam.

Goodness, God, vampires have weight as well.

Ma's condition is so awful.

Today might have a great deal of bitterness.

Souhardya, bring him back home; I will go somewhere else (Zafreen)

Alright, ma'am

How long will I stand by in the backwoods? I can't get the blood I need; he isn't, in any event, getting the telephone!!


Here, honey, I have come, with your blood. Killing individuals is so natural, Zafarin?

In any case, how might I give blood like this until the end of my life? Haha,,(Megh)

Don't you adore me? You have come intentionally.

We are vampires. We really want blood.

Today my sister is frantic with despondency.

His cherished one has figured out everything, so he has left him. Ahnaf

Yesss, I would have eaten his blood first in the event that I had him.

I used to grasp the results of harming my sister. (Zaffrin).

Indeed, do you recall our most memorable talk?

Haha, Jafreen, I met you without precedent for this timberland.

You were sitting upset, and I came to the Timberland to search for a restorative plant.

That is the point at which I met you.

I drew nearer and asked, Who are you?

Then, at that point, you were a vampire.

Later, you said you were a vampire.

From that day on, our companionship, then, at that point, love, What's more, ordinary people kill individuals for you, haha.

only for blood

I truly love you, Zafrin.


Be that as it may, I'm not human. I don't have the foggiest idea when I'll eat your blood. This affection is a noxious thistle.

Dismiss me if possible

I'm not deserving of you; assuming that the police get you, you will be hanged.

Do you comprehend, assuming you kill 300 with this?


__ haha, able to bite the dust for you.

Ahnaf is gone. Creator, Sheik Preeti Yet, I stayed. This is love.

Haha, I presently eat blood. Pick up the pace; I need to return home. (Megh)

Give, haha. Aha, what harmony, blood.


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