Unforgettable Nightmares

by Alex Wyntre about a year ago in psychological

Real Nightmares From the Teen Mind

Unforgettable Nightmares

We all have those kinds of dreams and nightmares we can't forget. Now those ones that you wake up from and hear yourself catch your breath and shoot straight up from—those may stick with you for life. Some of those nightmares can continue when you're awake. Now some very vivid and descriptive nightmares I've had I can still remember from about four years back, and they are quite scary. One night it was when I was working at an amusement park so it happened to be Disney at that time. I was a night guard on watch with a big screen in front of me.

All of a sudden a horrific sound came from the screen and red lights started flashing, which quickly drew my attention to the screen in front of me. I looked up then saw a horrifying image which was an amalgamation of Mickey Mouse rolling across and making the most grotesque noise, like a dead man gurgling when someone is foaming at the mouth. There was the Mickey Mouse Club House set up on the screen like the garage which is the butt, the head of Mickey, and etc. In the garage part or ear, not sure which one it was, but two workers were hiding there in a Donald Duck costume and a Goofy costume. The workers called on the walkie talkie, and were very scared.

They called in and the thing that was "Mickey" heard them and what seemed to be the eye swam up to the top of the head and you could hear a horrifying and disgusting crunching sound as it moved to the cries and pleads from the two workers. The amalgamation started rolling up stairs leaving a trail of blood and skin behind that started following behind it. As it got to the two workers, all I could hear was a deafening scream, and the last thing I saw was the bill and hat off the two workers fly to the ground and more grotesque crunching. The last thing I could hear was banging on the metal door that started denting in. I arose from my sleep to another day of school to go to, but that wasn't the end of my nightmare there oh no!

The nightmare continued while I was in my algebra class half in tears as I could still see the horrifying sight play in my head, continuing with the thing rolling down bigger than I last seen it as it went for a worker in a Minnie costume. She was hiding in a kitchen area, and it stopped with lights out and her screaming. This was a dream I had about a couple years ago telling multiple friends. They thought I needed to see a psychiatrist or therapist, saying normal teens should not be having those kinds of nightmares. I've had multiple nightmares where I was being chased by a pack of growling shadow figured wolves as well.

Another nightmare was of my grandmother, my youngest cousin, and I at my grandmother's old house, empty and isolated. There were no doors or windows but seemed like it was lit from outside lighting. The walls were still painted a light robin's egg blue and the same deep blue carpeting. Sitting in old rocking chair, static noises filled the air like an old black and white television. Me in the middle of my grandmother and cousin rocking, I look over to my cousin and try calling her name as she appears unresponsive to any sort of connection I try to make to her.

I look over to my grandmother laughing histarically at the Television screen. I call out to her but to no avail. I don't hear my own voice and she stops rocking and laughing to snap her head in my direction which made me jump. She then proceeds to look back to the television and point at it. Like in a video game giving a big view of the villain, my sight is fixated to the television with a young child with no face, medium length deep brown hair, naked, but what was weird there was no identifiable gender to the child like it had been erased by an eraser. Small animal corpses surrounded the child and they started to shake violently and the child appeared like it had been screaming, grabbing its head. Then what I hadn't seen before on the child was a long gouge in the side from the top of the chest to about the hip area, as it started to split open, and dropped to the ground with a sickening thud.

Blood started pouring through the television screen, and it started to pan out, and I freaked out looking around frantically but my grandmother and cousin had passed out, lifeless on the rocking chairs while I was swallowed in the thick blood engulfing my lungs. Suffocating me, I woke from the horrible nightmare. These nightmares continue to haunt me without a second thought to it in life, more to continue filling my mind throwing me farther and farther into life's fear, embracing me with its long, bony, black arms.

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