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Unearthing the Enigmatic: From Haunted Photographs to Devil's Pacts 👻 👹

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By Rakindu PereraPublished 6 months ago 6 min read

We have a deep appreciation for our viewers who send us unique stories, images, and videos. In this article, we delve into a fascinating collection of tales that ranges from old, mysterious photographs of demolished buildings in Hobart, Tasmania to spine-tingling encounters with the supernatural, including ghostly apparitions and legends of a bluesman's pact with the devil.The Haunting Photograph of Roxboro House; A mysterious image, sent in by a viewer named Chris, invites us to explore the eerie history of Roxboro House, a building that once graced Hobart, Tasmania. The story begins in 1820 when Roxboro House was constructed, boasting grandeur and promise as a large, three-story stone building that was destined to become a delightful residence. However, time was unkind to Roxboro House. It transformed into a dilapidated hotel known as the "Golden Fleece," earning the ominous moniker, "The Rat's Castle." Homeless individuals seeking refuge in its crumbling walls further tainted its history, resulting in two tragic infant deaths within its desolate walls.In 1879, this once-proud structure was razed, making way for a new beginning. The plot was sold to a Scottish schoolmaster, Alexander Ireland, who, by 1880, had transformed it into the present-day Roxboro House, connected to Scotch College. The story leads to contemporary times, where Roxboro House has been converted into apartments, capturing the essence of its long, tumultuous history.The haunting photograph depicts the building before its demolition. In it, a mysterious figure appears in the top window on the right-hand side. Bystanders gather by the front fence. Yet, the most enigmatic aspect is the spectral figure standing in the front doorway, provoking speculation about the possibility of a haunting. While no concrete evidence of the paranormal has been confirmed, the image raises intriguing questions about the mysteries that might lurk in the past. The Demon of Brownsville Road; Bobby Kerr's life took an unexpected turn when he purchased a Victorian house on Brownsville Road in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Initially believing it to be the perfect home for his growing family, the seemingly ideal opportunity soon turned into a nightmarish experience. His young son, Bobby Jr., was the first to experience the malevolent presence in the house, crying and hyperventilating after wandering off during their first visit. The Kerr family began to witness a series of unsettling paranormal events. The chain light in the coat closet continuously wrapped itself around the light fixture, doors opened and shut on their own, lights flickered, and the family found bent crucifixes and destroyed rosaries strewn about. The entity that plagued their home even manifested as a black, foggy cloud and left a foul stench in its wake.The Kerrs' experience continued to intensify. Bobby Jr. refused to sleep in his bedroom, and another disturbing episode unfolded when a family member attacked Bobby Kerr, leading to an arrest. The paranormal activity in the house escalated, and the family began to unravel. In 2003, the Kerrs turned to the Catholic Church for help, initiating a two-year battle to rid the house of the demonic entity they believed was responsible for the torment. Bob Cranmer, a former County Commissioner, detailed the family's harrowing experiences in his book, "The Demon of Brownsville Road," which was met with media acclaim. However, the family members of the previous owners had a different perspective, claiming the story was fabricated and disrespected the memory of their relatives. Today, Bob still owns the house, which has been transformed into a bed and breakfast. His personal struggles continued with the unexpected death of his son in 2015 and the end of his 37-year marriage in 2018. The Enigma of Robert Johnson's Crossroads; Robert Johnson, an American blues musician and songwriter, is celebrated for his talent, despite limited commercial success during his lifetime. He recorded only two sessions in 1936, which showcased his immense skill and had a profound influence on later musicians. Tragically, he died at the young age of 27 in 1938, under circumstances still shrouded in mystery. The legend of Robert Johnson is entwined with the tale of him selling his soul to the devil for musical genius. Johnson's dream of becoming a great blues musician took an unusual turn when he met a mysterious figure at a crossroads. This enigmatic stranger tuned his guitar and returned it to him, marking the beginning of his transformation into a musical virtuoso. The deal, as the legend goes, required Johnson to trade his soul in exchange for unparalleled musical prowess. While Johnson's legend is compelling and has left an indelible mark on the music world, the existence of such a pact with the devil remains a subject of folklore and speculation. The mystery surrounding his life, his unexplained death, and the folklore surrounding his pact have sparked enduring fascination. The Terrifying Teke Teke of Japan; The chilling legend of Teke Teke is a spine-tingling tale from Japan. Teke Teke is believed to be the vengeful spirit of a young woman named Kashima Raicho. According to legend, during the end of World War II, Kashima was assaulted by military personnel and left severely injured on a railway line. Struck by a train, she was cut in half, suffering a slow and agonizing death. Teke is known for her horrifying appearance and her unsettling method of locomotion. Her lower body is absent, and she travels on her hands, carrying a razor-sharp scythe. Her eerie presence is associated with the distinctive sound of her name, "Teke Teke," mirroring the noise she makes as she drags her mutilated body along concrete paths. In urban legends, it's believed that encountering Teke Teke, especially in a public bathroom, can lead to dire consequences. She might ask, "Where are my legs?" If the response given is unsatisfactory, she may take revenge by cutting the person's legs off with her scythe. Only specific answers, such as "On the Meishin Expressway" or the phrase "Kam and Shinai," are believed to spare one's life.The Ghosts of Petit Trianon; In the summer of 1909, two Englishwomen embarked on a three-week sightseeing trip to Paris and decided to visit the beautiful Petit Trianon, a small chateau on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles. However, their adventure took an eerie turn as they wandered through the palace's gardens. They encountered a series of inexplicable phenomena and apparitions, including a mysterious man, two oddly attired men, a lady with a sketchbook, and a woman and girl with white handkerchiefs tucked into their bodices. Upon their return, both women separately documented the strange events they experienced. The story, published under pseudonyms in 1911, captivated readers and paranormal enthusiasts. It sparked debate among critics and paranormal investigators, who proposed the idea of a time slip or retro cognition.The mystery of the Petit Trianon ghosts remains an unsolved enigma, challenging the boundaries of reality and the supernatural. In conclusion, these enigmatic tales, ranging from haunting photographs to ghostly apparitions and legends of pacts with the devil, invite us to explore the mysteries that enthrall the human imagination. Whether they are tales of the paranormal, inexplicable occurrences, or legendary deals with the supernatural, they continue to captivate and intrigue. The enduring fascination with the unknown beckons us to uncover the truth, even when it seems just beyond the reach of reason.

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