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Unearthed: A Collection of Chilling Stories from the Supernatural 👻👹💀

More chilling stories to keep you up at night

By Rakindu PereraPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

The world is a mysterious and sometimes terrifying place, filled with stories that both fascinate and frighten us. In this article, we explore a collection of eerie tales that range from ghostly apparitions to legends of supernatural pacts. These stories will leave you questioning the boundaries of reality and the unknown.The Phantom Jogger of Canyon Hill Cemetery;Nestled in the heart of Coldwell, Idaho, the Canyon Hill Cemetery is known for its eerie history and ghostly apparitions. This cemetery, dating back to the early 19th century, has gained attention due to the legend of the "Phantom Jogger." This spectral figure is described as a female of medium build, whose legs are invisible to those who encounter her. The legend goes that she haunts the cemetery, especially during nighttime, and terrifies visitors by tapping on their car windows when parked between two specific trees. Video evidence has fueled belief in this paranormal phenomenon, adding to the rich tapestry of Idaho's supernatural stories.The Band that Allegedly Sold Their Souls to the Devil;The music industry has always had its share of dark legends and myths. One such legend revolves around a black metal musician known as INFERNACE; Born as Roger Teags, this artist openly claims to have made a pact with the devil to achieve success in his music career. INFERNACE, the band he founded, delved into the darkest aspects of religious iconography and doctrine, embracing a gnostic form of Satanism. Teags's life was not without controversy, as he faced allegations of rape, which led to his incarceration. Despite the tumultuous aspects of his life, the story of INFERNACE's alleged pact with the devil remains a captivating and chilling legend.The Disturbing Case of Joyce Vincent;Joyce Vincent's story is a heart-wrenching and mysterious tale. Born in Hammersmith, West London, in 1965, Joyce was a bright young woman who worked in the treasury department of Ernst and Young. Her promising career took a sudden turn, leading her to live in a domestic abuse shelter. After suffering from a peptic ulcer, Joyce was admitted to the hospital, but what happened next remains a disturbing enigma. Her body was not discovered until two years later in her flat, surrounded by Christmas presents and unopened shopping bags. The unsettling part of this story is that nobody noticed her absence during these two years, raising questions about the depth of human connection in a bustling city.The Tragic End of Bobby Driscoll;Child actors often lead extraordinary lives but can face tragic fates. Bobby Driscoll's story epitomizes the highs and lows of child stardom. After enjoying immense success in Disney films, his star dimmed as he grew older. Disney terminated his contract, and his life spiraled into a tale of isolation, addiction, and desperation. In 1968, at the age of 31, Driscoll's life took a tragic turn when his body was found on a New York City park bench. A heart-wrenching post-mortem discovered the cause of death to be heart failure due to advanced atherosclerosis. The story of Bobby Driscoll serves as a sobering reminder of the challenges faced by child stars.Carl Tanzler: The Living Doll of Love;The story of Carl Tanzler is a dark and macabre tale of love taken to horrifying extremes. Tanzler, a radiographer, became infatuated with a tuberculosis patient, Maria Elena Milagro de Hoyos, who tragically passed away at the age of 22. His obsession with Maria was so intense that, two years after her death, he exhumed her body and preserved it in his home. Tanzler's disturbing actions included reconstructing her corpse with coat hangers, wax, and plaster, creating a grotesque living doll that he kept for over seven years. His attempt to bring her back to life and keep her scent intact is a testament to the extent of human obsession.The supernatural world is a realm of intrigue and fear, filled with stories that challenge our understanding of reality. From the chilling tales of ghostly apparitions to legends of pacts with the devil, these stories leave us with more questions than answers. They serve as reminders of the thin line between fascination and horror, pushing the boundaries of what we believe to be possible in the mysterious, enigmatic world in which we live.

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