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Under the Full Moon

The monster inside

By D.L. FinnPublished about a year ago 10 min read

The mirror showed a reflection that wasn’t my own. No, that’s not entirely true. It only showed what the world saw but not what lurked inside. It emerged when the full moon rose high in the sky. That smiling, beautiful face hid the hungry being that lingered just under the surface. The well-put-together woman was a mask. Plastic surgery had made a plain girl into a goddess. A bite last summer made the goddess a powerful creature.

The clear green eyes reflected knowledge that others only imagined. There was peace under the night skies and a sated moon. This is when my reflection would be accurate. Tonight was the wolf moon. No one had any idea that under this and other full moons, I’d become a wolf for one night. Part of me desired to stay in that form and roam my protected forest paradise. The other part wished it had never happened.

The sunset painted a winter display of fall with orange, yellow, and red that outlined the tall pines and cedars in an inspiring ethereal glow that slowly shifted into a fury red ball. Now, the sky appeared bathed in blood, as if the heavens knew what was about to happen to me.

Then darkness came. I stood bare under the stars and prayed that I would stay a human or wolf but not exist as both.

A familiar cry came from the forest.


“Are you like me or just a wolf?” I squinted into the darkness with hope and fear.

Pain shot through my legs and seized my breath. I fell to the ground in a familiar dance with agony as my body shifted from one being to another. It was terrifying and exciting as my senses increased. The lone wolf was nearby, waiting. His musk was strong among the pines, as was the coming snowstorm. A rabbit ventured out of its hole, the wolf pounced, and the rabbit screamed in its last gasp of life. My stomach grumbled with anticipation of what I’d find to dine on but, more importantly, when would I meet this wolf who had stayed at the edges of my world for the last couple of months.

Off to my left, the fragrant rabbit’s life essence strengthened when a large gray wolf stepped out of the pines with his kill clasped in his snout. He crept closer to the deck, never taking his yellow-flecked eyes off me. The wolf stopped and dropped the rabbit ten feet from me. With my hackles raised and a low growl in my throat, I prepared to defend myself. He nodded and slowly backed away with a bowed head. There was a kindness in this gesture that surprised me.

My raging hunger took over. I tore the small fluffy animal into pieces until nothing was left. My appetite was satisfied, and our eyes met. At that moment, I knew he was like me, but not like the one who had bitten me. I will never forget those yellow eyes. They held a world of madness. The images I had picked up from him when he made me into a werewolf gave me a glimpse into a shocking level of cruelness that carried over into his human life, where he hunted and killed innocent women and children. When he left a diamond engagement ring that reeked of his stench at my door, I knew I had to act.

Having a successful computer business that I ran from home, allowed me to pay a skilled hunter generously to take this wolf down during a full moon. No questions were asked of the silver bullets I provided. Although being locked up that night was horrific, I couldn’t risk being shot, too. The hunter refused to speak of what he saw, only letting me know it was dead. Yes, he spoke of the wolf as an it. Later I found the remains, which were only ashes. I never knew who he was in human form and was glad I didn’t.

As each month came and went after my maker’s death, I adjusted to what I was. Tonight I found a new possibility, another werewolf. One that wasn’t oozing crazy.

I slowly stepped toward the wolf, who let out a slight growl. I froze, ready to bolt. He shook his head, and I got an image of us running together. His paws were soundless over the frozen landscape as I stayed behind him. He never turned to see if I was there. He knew.

We arrived at a small pond and waterfall, where he stopped. The wolf was bathed in moonlight as he drank deeply from the almost frozen water. He licked his muzzle and headed to the falls, where he disappeared.

I gulped, wondering if this was a trap. What if I had been wrong about him? What if all werewolves weren’t to be trusted? After all, I hired someone to kill one of my own.

Still, I had to see where he was leading me.

The cold water bounced off my thick brown fur. My paws easily navigated the slippery rocks that opened into a small cave where a tiny green bush with a large purple flower and a smaller yellow one was next to it. Both were glowing. The wolf was next to the bush. His muzzle was turned up. He was smiling.

“Thank you for ridding our world of that rabid werewolf, George.”

My jaw dropped open. “You can talk?”

He did something I never thought a wolf could do. He winked. “Yes, and so can you. At least to me.”

“George wanted me to mate with him after seeing his thoughts and intentions. He was a cruel serial killer as a human.” I shook my head.

He let out a loud sigh. “Yes, he was. I’ve been hunting him for a while. There aren’t many werewolves left. We all agreed not to change anyone else. There is no peace living in both worlds. He broke that promise more than once and always killed them later. You provided justice.”

“I had no choice.” I sensed no danger from him but was alert.

“I know. You have no reason to fear me. I promise. Your identity is safe, too.”

“Do I know you as a human?” I sniffed him, not able to learn anything that way.

“No. You don’t. I was born decades ago and moved around a lot. Keeps questions away since I don’t age.”

“Well, that makes sense….” I paused, studying him. “Is there any way to control if we are human or wolf?”

He shook his head. “No. There isn’t. But tonight is special. You have an option.”


He held my gaze, making me feel alive in new ways. I wanted to be with this wolf.

“Yes. Come lay by me for a bit. Then I will tell you about it.”

He nuzzled me, and instinct took over. A wild passion surged through me in ways I’d never thought possible. At that moment, there was no distinction between us. I had found my mate.

The connection was over way too soon. He stood up and shook out his fur with a sadness I didn’t expect.

“Is something wrong?” I asked. “Was that inappropriate?”

“No, it was perfect. I’d been waiting to find my mate.”

“Can’t we be together? I mean, as humans too?”

“Not as humans. I’ve lived too long. It wouldn’t be fair.”

I jumped up and narrowed my eyes. “I will decide what is fair. I don’t care what you look like as a human.”

He threw his head back with a small howl that turned into a laugh. “Don’t worry; I am considered as good-looking as you are.”

I growled. “I’m not that shallow.”

He nudged the purple flower. “I didn’t mean for that to happen. I can’t always control the wolf, but I am glad it did. Tonight, I came to you to make things right.”


“This purple flower blooms once every hundred years. It can cure you. You’d be human again.”

“It can?”


“We can both be human then. Together.”

He pulled the flower from the bush. It was still glowing. “Yes, we could. I will take you back home to eat this. You will sleep for three days and need to be somewhere safe. You will never be affected by the moon again.”

“We will share it?”

“No, I will eat the yellow one.”

I shook out my fur. “I kind of like being a wolf, though.”

“It gets old. You are always hunted. This is better.”

I sniffed the flower. It reminded me of coffee beans. “Did the man who made me make you, too?”

“No, I foolishly made him before our kind stopped making werewolves. He’s always been one step ahead of me until he met you.”

“Wait, I don’t even know your name.” My face felt hot. I was blushing under my fur. “My name is Carrie.”

“Names lose importance over the years in wolves. I’ve used many names in my human form over the years. My last one is Ramsey Collins.”

“In my human form, I would have insisted on an introduction before we… you know.”

“Good thing we aren’t in our human forms, then.” He smiled and offered the flower to her. “Don’t eat it until we get back to your house.”

He grasped the yellow flower and trotted past the waterfall, heading deep into the forest. They stepped out of the trees to her log cabin.

He nodded to the house, and we entered the open front door and set his flower down. “Get up on the couch and stay there no matter what you feel. I will cover you with a blanket and shut your door the best I can. Don’t want your human form to get cold.”

The house felt overpowering with the perfumes and food-laden kitchen. The heater was humming as the front door clicked shut. Two werewolves were trapped in my house. Hopefully, we wouldn’t make too much of a mess.

I laid the flower down next to me. “Are you going to join me on the couch?”

He sighed. “I would like nothing better.”

The passion between us was more potent than the first time. Could I fall in love with the human side of him?

“Thank you.” He breathed into my ear.

The sadness was back. “You have a home with me now.”

“I appreciate that. You have given me what I’ve lacked all these long and lonely years. You are a gift.”

Why did it sound like he was saying goodbye? “I’ve been lonely too. I’m glad you found me.”

He grinned as only a wolf could. “The sun will come up soon. Then the flowers lose their power.” He pulled the blanket over us and ate his yellow flower. I followed him with the purple one.

“It is done. Take care of our child. I will live on in him.”

“Child? What are you talking about? Are these hallucinogenic flowers?”

“No.” Ramsey gasped and shuddered as a burst of pain coursed through my body. The change was coming. “The purple flower will make you human again, and the yellow flower…” he groaned and let out a small howl. “My flower releases me. It was time.”

My skin was hot and itchy, but I couldn’t scratch it. “Releases you?”

“Right or wrong, you gave me the love that I needed. I passed that on to the beauty that came from it, a son. Unfortunately, my time as a werewolf was at its end. It’s like cancer, and soon, I’d end up crazy…. It happens to all of us after living for so long. Our minds give out. Now, I don’t have to suffer the painful end. I will be released peacefully next to you.”

I tried to sit up, but he held me down. “You impregnated me with a wolf and now plan to die?”

“Although I bonded with you the moment I saw you, I never intended to consummate it, I promise you. I told you back in the cave I couldn’t control the passion of the wolf. Be reassured he will be human—our son. Raise him with that love that is between us. I love you.”

Carrie tried to speak but only howled. And then everything went black.

The sun shone through the window, with newly fallen snow brightening its rays. Carrie slowly sat up and looked around for Ramsey but only found a pile of ashes. His ashes. Tears flowed freely down her cheeks. She bundled up in the soft red blanket. Had she fallen in love with a werewolf, and was there a baby? Somehow, she had, and instinct told her there was life growing inside.

This was a child who would never know who his father was, but she would never forget. Ramsey gave her life back. Now she knew who she was when she looked in the mirror. Carrie was ready to meet the day as a human carrying a gift of love from a werewolf.


About the Creator

D.L. Finn

D. L. Finn is a multi-genre author. Her work includes the paranormal, poetry, memoir, romance, fantasy & children books. She is also a blogger, photographer & reader and encourages everyone to embrace their inner child.

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  • Michele Jonesabout a year ago

    Great twist at the nd. This was wonderful, Denise.

  • Robbie Cheadleabout a year ago

    Hi Denise, this really is a fantastic story. Well done. A great twist on the typical werewolf styled stories.

  • edenabout a year ago

    Denise, what an amazing tale from a simple prompt! I love how you wove in the supernatural so seamlessly. It's a great romance with imaginative elements of magical realism, and it had me rooting for wolves! Excellent.

  • Mae Clairabout a year ago

    Fantastic story, Denise. I've always had a weakness for werewolf tales.

  • John W. Howellabout a year ago

    I loved this story, Denise. Very creative.

  • Harmony Kentabout a year ago

    A love story with a difference! Great take on the prompt, Denise 💕🙂

  • Karen Ingallsabout a year ago

    I loved the story! Well-done, Denise.

  • Jan Sikesabout a year ago

    What a great story, Denise. I love how they both received a gift.

  • Gwen Planoabout a year ago

    Wonderful story, Denise. Bravo!

  • Priscilla Bettisabout a year ago

    Denise, this was sweet. I didn't expect such a touching story from that first sentence!

  • Staci Troiloabout a year ago

    That was wonderful, Denise.

  • Joan Hallabout a year ago

    Great job, Denise!

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