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Two true spooky stories

no, really, they are true

By ASHLEY SMITHPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

This isn't one of those based on a true story tales, not one of those passed down for year ones either. These were both told to me by various stories soon after they happened, one part happened to me as well so I know that bit to be true as well.

Both happened in a care home I worked at, caring for older people living with dementia. I would love to add it was an old house, unfortunately it wasn't. Both incidents happened at night to halfway to a proper story.

Tale one was related to the day staff from those working at night before we arrived. After doing the usual care with the residents, cleaning and tidying the staff on the first floor had time so sit down for coffee. The building is usually quite noisy as it had 72 residents and due to dementia there was usually someone moving around.

They told us how the could hear a muffled voice and went to check it. The corridor was quite long and had beds on either side. Between the 2 ends of the corridors was a seating area for visitors to spend time with their relatives. The problem was that they could hear the voice in this area.

There were tables and chairs, a training room and some equipment but no residents. They checked the bedrooms either side and found everyone round asleep. They then checked all the other rooms to make sure everyone was where they should have been, everyone was in place.

The noise couldn't have been from outside as they were on the first floor, other residents couldn't get to this floor and all staff were accounted for. They even spent time taking it in turns to move around the area where the voice was coming from to make sure nobody was imagining it.

When they decided the voice was real, knew they were all getting freaked out and were starting to worry they called for help. They rang the senior nurse who said she would be up soon. She duly arrived in the lift and said "did you know the emergency button had been pushed in the lift"

When they went to check the voice suddenly became clearer, "the engineer is aware of the problem and will contact you soon" This message was on a loop with about twenty seconds gap in between. The voice therefore didn't always sound as they were near and sometimes nobody heard it as they passed in the gap. The mystery voice was found.

Second true story was passed to me directly from the night cover when i arrived in the morning. It was an agency worker who had not been to our building before. She handed over how the residents had been and how much cleaning she had done. She finished by mentioning how busy the fourth floor was, the one above.

Confused I asked what she meant. She went on to tell me about trolleys being pushed, people walking and doors banging. It was only then i told her we were on the top floor.

I had only worked day shifts at that point so hadn't heard what she mentioned, the top floor was one of the busiest we had and only approached quiet at night. She was so adamant there were people above I saw her leave and look at the building. She even appeared to count the floors, not hard to reach 3.

I forgot to tell other staff and a few weeks late I had night shifts. Of course as it got quiet I heard what she had heard. Footsteps, trolleys and doors, I even heard some voices. I am quite rational so decided there must be an explanation, unfortunately at that point I couldn't think of one.

When I told other staff they said it was normal. They said they thought the sounds from floor 2 vibrated through the walls and then became sound in the roof space .I suppose this is possible but I don't really know. It is a new building but it was built near an army base, maybe there once was an army hospital there.

Both trues stories, first with a simple answer. Second with an answer, far from simple though.


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England based carer, live with my wife, her parents and 4 cats. will write for all areas but especially mental health and disability. though as stuff for filthy seems popular will try there . any comments, suggestions or requests considered

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