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Trick or Tweet 2021

A month worth of tweet sized horror stories

By Alexis M. CollazoPublished 3 years ago 6 min read
Original photo by Alexis M. Collazo

This past October, I joined in on the fun challenge of creating a tweet sized horror story each day, posted with the hashtag #trickortweet2021. I missed a couple of days but kept it up all month long. As I wrote, I imagined them all being connected, so I decided to collect them here to read all together. Enjoy!

Trick or Tweet

We'd forgotten to bury her with her favorite piece of jewelry. We lied to ourselves as we dug up her grave. No way, we weren't checking to see if she still resting in peace. What are the odds she'd appear to every one of us in dreams? Better safe than sorry.

He assumed it was just a guilty conscious. A perfectly reasonable explanation when you've sacrificed the life of a dear friend for a little fun with magic and a failed attempt at overcoming death. They didn't fail, it just didn't work the way they'd expected.

Sonya never liked the idea of disrupting the natural order of life. She knew it couldn't end well, but was too afraid to speak up. It was too late now, her cowardice had damned them all. They would all pay with their lives and an eternity burning in hell.

I thought desecrating her grave was beyond ghoulish and I protested the entire time. We already knew exactly what happened and the consequences. There were no shocked gasps when the coffin turned out to be empty. I prayed her vengeance would swift and painless.

I stood in the shadows watching as they sulked silently around my grave. I alternated between wanting to thank them and slit all their throats. Their intention was to kill me, but they'd made me invincible. Pay back was going to be fun, even if they lived.

A month after That Night, I saw her. Thought I was dreaming, it was such a cliched horror movie moment. I looked out the window, she was just standing there, barely visible in the early morning light and heavy fog. I heard her voice in my head, "You're dead."

The doctors gave me months, maybe a year. My last chance was magic, dark magic, requiring a sacrifice with unknown consequences. Desperation convinced me it was a small price to pay. The clock is running out faster than before with no hope of a peaceful end.

I'd like to think if Laura hadn't lied we wouldn't have gone through with it. But I'd imagined killing that self righteous bitch a million times and enjoyed every minute of it. Would have been better if she stayed dead though.

I haven't left the house in a month. I know she's out there waiting for me. I can escape by traveling dimensions, but I'm just as likely to run into something else that will kill. Maybe if I ask nicely she'll make it quick and painless.

Sonya shivered and looked around anxiously. "You guys feel like we're being watched?" "Just say you wanna leave." Anthony answered. "I didn't want to come at all. We are done though, right." "Yeah. We're done." he said then pushed her into the open grave.

When everything goes wrong it always comes back down to blood. Never should have trusted Anthony's translation. There's a big difference between sacrificing blood and a blood sacrifice. Honestly, I don't think he cared, he wanted to kill her.

They lied to me. I only went along because I didn't think anybody would get hurt. Their fear of death, attempts to overcome it, led straight to the grave. I never feared death, when she came to me, I submitted willingly. Now I serve her, dishing out vengeance.

It's taken quite a toll on my patience not to exact swift vengeance on my so called friends. But it's been so sweet to watch them squirm and scramble to find a way to survive. I have all the time in the world, maybe they'll just die from pure fright.

"We're doing it again?" Anthony shrugged "We already killed one friend, what's another one now." "Yeah but we still need a long-term game plan for staying alive. This will only buy us some time." "Got any other genius spells. Maybe one that won't backfire."

When you first start to use magic, it's fun. Kind of like riding a bike, you want to practice and get better. You gain confidence start showing off. But it's also a drug, chasing a bigger and better high every time until it takes you over then finally kills you.

They left Sonya in the empty grave, another sacrifice to save their own asses. She begged for mercy and submitted to my control. She still has her life but no will of her own. I think it'll be fitting when they die by her hand.

I'm not afraid, no, not afraid at all. There's nothing wrong with being cautious, an extra lock or two doesn't hurt. Its not paranoia if the threat is real. Something is after me and I don't think there is anything that can stop it. But I'm not afraid.

I started with Anthony, subtly terrorizing with my presence. Standing outside his home radiating hatred directing the energy at him. I sense his fear reflecting back. Given his bravado, it tasted so much sweeter. If my patience holds up I'll save him for last.

Dying isn't so bad, especially when you don't stay dead. Thankfully, I'm not a zombie or vampire, my undeadness is thanks to a specific spell that resurrected me as is. I did come back different, lacking empathy. The spell didn't cause it, their betrayal did.

I'd only had the dream once, but it's haunted me ever since. The nightmare that was too real, more likely an premonition of what was to come. Waking up in that dark, confined space, slowly running out of air. I clawed my way out of the earth in a blind panic.

The fools, they think a couple extra locks can keep me out. The spell that brought me back infused me with unimaginably powerful magic. All I do is think of it and I'm standing over them while they sleep, peaceful and unaware. Nothing will stop me now.

I felt her presence for weeks. Then one night she was just there, standing next to my bed staring at me. My heart felt like it jumped out of my chest and I screamed. I thought that was it, I was dead. She smiled before disappearing. I haven't slept since.

Weeks I've been sitting wide awake in bed, protection circle in place, ready for her return. She already caught me off guard once, wish she would have killed me then. I'm breaking down. Tense and tired. Body aches. Brain drained. Won't last, I should end it now.

It was a fun game while it lasted, watching her descend into madness was a much sweeter revenge than any of the physical pain I could ever inflict. Her eyes lacked any sign of life long before her actual death. Then it wasn't fun anymore, so she had to die.

Laura's suffering was the most satisfying. She's been begging for the mercy of a quick death. Instead, I'm giving her a long life. Her cancer isn't cured but it won't kill her. She will live and suffer as it ravishes her body, until nothing else is left.

I never wanted this but I won't give it up. I am a corruption of the natural order. This power inside me is twisting me into something evil, stealing away my humanity. All that will be left is a unstoppable malignant force. You might have a chance if you run.

The biggest and toughest of them all was the easiest to break. Falling to his knees begging for his life. Such a disgusting display I was tempted to end him on sight. But a quick death will not satisfy my need for vengeance. His death had to be slow and painful.

The moment she stepped through what should have been a magical barrier, I knew. A flash of memory, a dream I'd had many years ago. It wasn't just a dream. I'd glimpsed into the future, had seen my last moments. This was it, there's no stopping destiny.

My vengeance was complete. The ones that betrayed me were dead after the worse suffering possible. But nothing has changed. The overwhelming rage still burns inside of me. With no hope of ever finding peace, it's time to let it run free and burn the whole world.

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Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. An avid reader, writer and multimedia creator. Relocated to Pennsylvania where she is currently focused on writing, crafting and leading workshops online. Visit www.alexismcollazo.com for more info.

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