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I guess I'm just haunted.

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I'm just a semi-normal 25-year-old spook kid, I believe in the paranormal and the many mysteries in the world. It's absolutely fascinating to me. I've had countless experiences in my life, and I will tell you about them, in a few parts. I'll start with the recent ones, I guess we'll start at my ex's house.

I should start by saying that everything started with a house we were watching at the beginning of September of last year for his old boss. This house has this energy about it, I wanted to cleanse it but of course, it's not my house, so without permission, we were stuck dealing with the energy manipulation.

The house was big enough for two people to live, two bedrooms upstairs with their own bathrooms. We stayed in the guest room of course, which I feel was a mistake. When Zach was at work I would stay at the house, clean, and take care of Grace, the owner's dog, who we were watching as well.

I would clean the kitchen and put everything away, then sit, watch TV, and ended up taking naps, since I never really get good sleep. I remember waking up one day on the couch and I couldn't see, it was like everything was through multiple mesh screens, I remember texting Zach that I couldn't see. I went back to sleep and woke up a bit later still shaken up about it.

He and I had recently started dating, but in that house, it was a rough patch. He made a comment that got to me and it wasn't something that would have bothered me as much as it did. But I was overly sensitive about it. We went to bed and I started to cry and he told me to stop, in the rudest way. I remember getting up and going outside on the deck and he followed in anger, but once we stepped outside everything felt like it stopped. The tears, the anger, we could breathe. When I went back inside, the hook for the screen door caught on my skin and I still have a scar.

I had taken a nap, and Zach was there but hadn't left the couch. I was in the guest room and I closed the door when I went to take my nap. I woke up about an hour or so later and the door was wide open. I had asked Zach if he went into the room and he said he hadn't and didn't even know I was in there. He woke up to the door opening by itself when he stayed there alone.

His house had always been my safe haven, I loved the house, the area and the animal friends I made. His house seemed calm at first, but then things started happening. Handprints on glass doors after the door was just cleaned, dog snot on a window and there's no dog, toaster moving, footsteps. You know normal spooky things, I was comfortable until it got creepier.

I felt like I was being watched in that house, doors would open when he and I were alone in the house and we'd hear things walk to his door or in the hallway in general. One day we were sitting in the family room when we heard the chair in his parent's room rocking back and forth, his parents had left for work already and we just looked up. It was an unmistakable sound. We've heard dog tags jingle, I saw him too, it's unsettling when you see something that's not apart of your world anymore.

It became a place I was ready to leave, I hated taking a shower there after a while, you never want to feel something touch you while you're in the shower. I feel like we didn't help, we watched paranormal videos all the time in his room and in the family room. I'm just glad I no longer frequent that house anymore.

Alexandra Barrett
Alexandra Barrett
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