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The Water Hole .. A Finality

This Ties Everything Up .... Or Does It?

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Be Afraid

This was requested by Jason B , a conclusion to The Water Hole , my entry into the Vocal Foggy Waters Challenge. I did a conclusion but he wanted to know what happened next. This is my attempt to finalise the story although I have a feeling it will not end. I really hope this again lives up to expectations , but we will see. I have kept a few terms from the Philip Pullman “His Dark Materials” books which will fit in with the general story.

I have gone with one of Davis Bowie's most frightening songs "All The Madmen" as a soundtrack to this unconclusion


The leather straps fell from his arms and legs and a door opened in the opposite wall. He was free to go , but he was anything but free. He got up , walked , unsteadily , his ankle was bruised and scabbed , he had been there in the water hole , and would now be scared to sleep for fear of waking to find himself there because he had broken the rules or disrespected the Almighty.

He walked out of the door into a life that was over

The sky was grey , rain drizzling , the buildings were grey and the street was grey. It was like the colour had been washed from his world , from his very existence.

The Magisterium’s criteria of keeping to the rules and respecting the Almighty left everything open to be punished for.

The words he uttered , the food he cooked , walking across the street. He had forgotten what his job was or where he worked or lived. He had no keys , no money , he was destitute.

Then he noticed the thin men, tall grey topped with fedoras and piercing black eyes.

He was being watched, he did not know what to do.

They didn’t move , he didn’t move. Any move would cause them to apprehend him.

He was respecting the Almighty , he thought , but he knew any move could damn him to eternal pain and torture.

It was wet , he decided to cross the road , hopefully he could find a Church where he could shelter from the rain and maybe even get somewhere to sleep for the night.

The thin men hadn’t moved , and he had crossed the road. No rules had been broken , he thought, and the Almighty had been correctly respected.

He turned the corner , clothes not soaked. There were more thin men there , on the look out for transgressors of the Magisterium’s rules.

He continued walking and finally found what he thought was sanctuary , a Church.

Inside it was dry but he was dripping on the floor . “Thank God I’m Here” he murmured very quietly, though he seemed to be the only one in the building. This worry was frightening him pushing him to the edge of madness , ready for the asylum.

He thought he saw a movement, grea and tall , one of the thin men.an agent of the Magisterium.

Finally he sat himself on a bench , there was water dripping from his clothes but he was safe ……

Then he felt a hand on his shoulder and heard a thin reedy voice.

“You have shown disrespect to the Almighty , soiling his building”

A needle entered his neck and he fell once more into oblivion ……..


He was coming to. Where was he? What happened? He could just see bluey green and he realisedH he was in a vertical tunnel or tube , and it was perspex or plastic and beyond that was what seemed to be water. He looked up maybe fifty feet above it was open but with a roof to keep out rain or water.

The tube was about four feet across and perfectly smooth. Climbing out was not an option, smashing a hole through it and swimming up might have been an option , but he was hydrophobic and could not swim……..


This is a never ending sequence returning to the beginning here


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