'The Walking Dead' Season 5: Could Charlie Sheen Play Negan!?

One of the much anticipated characters coming to 'The Walking Dead' is the ruthless Negan. Who better to liven things up than Charlie Sheen?

'The Walking Dead' Season 5: Could Charlie Sheen Play Negan!?

One of the much anticipated characters coming to "The Walking Dead" - maybe even in Season 5 - is the ruthless Negan; possibly the scariest character in all of the comics. Creator Robert Kirkman has been coy about when he will meet Rick and his gang, but say's he is on his way.

Negan is a much needed addition to a show that has been stuck in a lull for awhile now. Adding a character with not just a large following, but with such a dynamic storyline, would do wonders. The show needs some excitement to recharge the fan base, and who better to liven things up than Charlie Sheen.

I personally have never been the biggest Charlie Sheen fan outside of "Two and a Half Men," and will be the first to admit I question his ability to act in such a dramatic show, but for the character of Negan, he is a perfect fit. Not just in resemblance of the character, but personality.

Negan is absolutely crazy, and has no remorse for anything he does. He is a arrogant sociopath who kills without warning with a barbed-wired bat named "Lucille." He makes the Governor look like Barney.

Negan: The Walking Dead's most ruthless character?

While now a days, Charlie Sheen's acting ability is questionable, no body can really deny that a character like Negan has similarities to Charlie Sheen's over the top personality.

An actor is at his best when he plays a character that is similar to himself. I am by no means implying Sheen is a sociopathic murderer, but simply that Charlie Sheen's personality almost comes off at times like he has no remorse for things he says and to a degree seems crazy, but we love him that way. Plus he just has those eyes that scare you, makes you truly wonder what he is going to do or say.

I can see scenes now of Sheen in the leather jacket holding Lucille, and standing over top of a bleeding man, while he goes off on some sick rant. I can see him getting in Rick's face and absolutely terrifying the audience, because we truly have no idea what this insane man is about to do.

Many people may not remember when Sheen was actually considered a good actor, back in the 90's, but there was a time. Maybe this role can return credibility to his career.

I am aware that the possibilities of Sheen being cast in The Walking Dead are slim. But I believe a role like this could be something that raises Sheen's career back up, and one that is such a good fit that it is unlikely to fail.

Again, it is more than likely never going to happen. Especially with The Walking Dead's track record with actors. They like to cast unknown names to come into the show, and start their rise to stardom; Jon Bernthal for example. Rather that be due to money or whatever reason, it is just how they roll.

Could Negan be the first role that Kirkman and Co. make a big splash in the casting department? Generate a big buzz for the show? Not only would it get fans talking, but people will tune in to a show where Charlie Sheen finally gets to let out his inner crazy on a character.

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