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The Sneaky Marriage Proposal and the Tall Man

by Stories From The Dark 2 months ago in urban legend
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Horror Story #2

A girl named Christie went down to San Diego to meet up with a longtime college roommate named Ally. While they were in San Diego, they started talking and both discovered each other’s love for the paranormal. After looking at things to do in the city, they found out that thh Whaley House was near by. Knowing the haunted history and present happenings in the house they set their sites on visiting. That afternoon they drove down to the house and after parking , went inside. The spoke to the host who informed them that they were having a once a month ghost tour that night. Unfortunately it had been booked for a while and there was a daily waitlist of six people. They decided to put their name on the list anyway and went to lunch disappointed. At lunch they discussed how badly they wanted to go to the ghost tour and after a few drinks of alcohol, they came up with a plan.

Ally told Christie that her cousin often did a thing where they would get on yours and events that were booked by pretending to propose to each other. Christie has just received a ring from her fiancé who has proposed to her a few weeks ago. Ally thought that would be perfect. They spent the next six hours planning on what they would do. First, they came up with the idea that they would propose on the street in front of the Whaley House. After deliberation, they decided that would be too risky as people may not care and just walk by. Then they decided they would propose during the daytime tour but later decided against that. Finally, they decided one of them would go in and talk to the woman at the front and tell her that she was planning to propose to her girlfriend and that the Whaley House meant a lot to her.

Hopefully, they would let them in. So they went back to the hotel and caught up with each other to create a whole backstory. Should anyone question their love, they would be ready. So upon nightfall, they went to the Whaley House and Ally went inside. She was nervous and sweating which made the proposal even more real. She told the story of how they met and how much the house many to her fiancé and asked if there was any way they could get on the tour. She saw the sparkle in the woman’s eye and she called over her manager to ask. The manager, however, was cold as ice.

No, she told her. Her heart sank. She went back outside and told Christie the bad news. So they decided to take the regular tour. That night they went in holding hands the whole tour in hopes that someone from the ghost tour which was next, would see them and feel bad. During the tour they had a family with them with a very annoying son. He would interrupt the tour guide all the time and asked dumb questions.

When they got to the bottom of the stairway that led up stairs., Christie saw a tall man look down at them and Keep walking. The kid starts yelling, interrupting the guide that he saw a ghost on the top of the stairs. Christie told him that it was just another tour and to stop interrupting the tour guide. Just then, the tour guide told them that no one was up there and he couldn’t have seen anyone. The father even thought he was joking until Christie confirmed that she saw the man too.

The group then went upstairs and they both saw how small an area it was and there was no one upstairs. Not any other group or workers. To further the confusion, Christie saw that the room the man had walked into was glassed off. You could only look into it. Had she seen a ghost?

Was the boy correct all along? She still is in shock about it. After the tour they tried one more time to get into the ghost tour but no luck. As they walked outside, Ally got down on one knee and proposed. Just as they thought, everyone walked by not noticing. The funny part about it though was Christie said yes.

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