'The Sixth Sense' - A Movie Review

The horror in 'The Sixth Sense' is very different compared to other films of the same genre.

'The Sixth Sense' - A Movie Review

Is it just me or does it feel very cold in this room?

Twenty years ago, M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller The Sixth Sense hit theaters. Malcolm, a child psychologist, is trying to help a shy young boy named Cole communicate and embrace his being. Having the ability to see ghosts, at first Cole shies away until embodying this ability to help reform broken spirits.

My jaw dropped to the floor the first time I watched The Sixth Sense! This film is a deep story coupled with incredible performances from Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment. Shyamalan’s striking direction on The Sixth Sense goes down in history as one of the best! Now nobody can watch this film in the same way after the first viewing.

Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment are the ultimate team. They perform so well off of each other. The Sixth Sense is a great example that therapists have a positive impact. In some ways, Malcolm and Cole have similar storylines. Everything about their interactions is believable, especially how Cole is distant at first.

In his role as the closed-off Malcolm, this is one of my favorite Bruce Willis roles. Willis was very convincing as Malcolm. The film was a chance for Willis to perform as a man with insecurities, masking himself so he won’t have to face the issues in his life nor with his marriage.

When he was auditioning for The Sixth Sense, eleven-year-old Haley Joel Osment read the entire script three times the night before! Osment carried the film. His monologue in the hospital sequence is chilling and very well acted! Hands down, Osment left an incredible mark on this film gradually gaining confidence and a new outlook for the world.

Nineteen years before her incredibly chilling performance as Annie in Hereditary, Toni Collette stars as Cole’s single mother, Lynn Sear. Collette’s role in the film is a mixture of utter bewilderment and loss about the situation with her son, denial and frustration, fretting that she is not being a good mother. I loved Collette’s emotional performance, reacting to the horror, and despairing in moments of agony.

Olivia Williams’ moving performance as Anna Crowe, the wife of Malcolm, was very touching and took courage. Arguably, she’s a figure to look up to for those going through her situation.

The Sixth Sense includes many incredible performances whether big or small. Trevor Morgan, Donnie Wahlberg, Bruce Norris, Mischa Barton, and many others made this film come to life. Every character left an impact on this film, whether they were acquired to bully Cole or they were one of the ghosts that he saw.

The horror is very different compared to other films of the same genre. While it is a ghost story it resonates on a very different level. My favorite aspect of ghost movies is why they are still lingering. My favorite part of the film is when Cole helps the young ghost girl, Kyra.

I still remember whacking myself upside the head for all the little clues that were right there in front of me! M. Night Shyamalan outdoes himself with a strong story, characters to relate to, and a twist that is one the biggest jaw-dropping moments in the history of film! While I still have a couple of questions, it does not ruin my outlook on the film.

The Sixth Sense is empowering, chilling, and an impactful ghost story. Willis and Osment’s performances are incredible, and will never be forgotten. If you have not seen The Sixth Sense yet, I highly recommend that you steer clear from looking anything up online!

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Marielle Sabbag
Marielle Sabbag
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