'The Ring' - A Movie Review

The first time I watched 'The Ring,' I was sitting in the back of my dad’s car, my eyes hooked to the portable DVD player.

'The Ring' - A Movie Review

What do you mean you watched a cursed videotape last weekend?

Based on the Japanese film of the same name, The Ring crawled out of the well into theaters in 2002. After watching a cursed videotape, Rachel has only seven days to figure out the meaning behind the disturbing images. Researching the dreadful origins of the story, Rachel tries to solve the nightmarish case of Samara Morgan.

The first time I watched The Ring I was sitting in the back of my dad’s car, my eyes hooked to the portable DVD player. The Ring has all the essence of a horror movie. A heart-pounding story, outstanding actors, and a climax so terrifying that I actually felt myself backing away from the screen.

First, the film starts with two friends teasing one another about the cursed videotape until finding out that it may not actually be a myth. Amber Tamblyn and Rachael Bella sell their authentic reactions to horror in one of my favorite openings to a horror movie. It is a short and terrifying scene that immediately gets right into the story creating a bleak atmosphere.

Naomi Watts is incredible as Rachel! Watts carries the film with her terrific reactions to the horror, trying to be a good mom in her distant relationship with her son and prestigious research about the videotape.

Martin Henderson did a great job as Noah. Subtlety is mastered in The Ring. The film does not take any time away from the horror with a drama about Rachel and Noah’s relationship. Their relationship is important to their overall interactions. It feels very real. Not every relationship works. Still, you can work things out and still try to be friends.

I was very impressed by David Dorfman as Aiden. He was a gifted and mature young actor. Unfortunately, Dorfman is not in a lot of the movie leaving most of the action to Watts and Henderson. I wonder how the story would have turned out if he went along to solve the case. Still, he was outstanding pointing out key information and his horrifying reactions.

An ensemble delivers engrossing performances to the dark atmosphere. Remember, no part is ever small. Brian Cox was memorable trying to recluse himself, masking secrets behind dark eyes. Everyone stands out, creating their own personality either delivering a line or reacting to a horrific scene that happens on a ship.

Recognize that little girl playing Samara Morgan? That’s right, in the same year she voiced the protagonist in Lilo and Stitch, Daveigh Chase delivered a frightful performance as a young girl who was locked away for unfair reasons. Her creepy voice mixed with her childlike demeanor was remarkable!

Do you know what is different about The Ring compared to other horror films? The whole film, save for a couple of scenes, takes place in daylight! In my opinion, I think more horror films should take place during the day because it creates such an ominous tone that things are not as they appear.

The cursed videotape of disorienting, disgusting, and off-putting images is incredible! The soundtrack is eerily spine-tingling. For a long time as a joke, the cursed videotape was played on the DVD of the film, or added to actual videotapes just to gain a scare! Despite its use, I am confused about how this videotape works and its origins. I feel that the origins could have been explained further.

The Ring is a suspenseful film, but it is one of my favorite horror films! Be warned that it is scary and unsettling in some sequences. The ending will forever be one of the scariest scenes in film history.

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Marielle Sabbag
Marielle Sabbag
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